What is t-nuts?

A t-nut is a blind fastener that allows bolts or screws to be driven in the nut. The T-nuts have a long and thin body that resembles the profile of a T. These nuts create a strong clamping force and are reliable. Steel T Nuts prevent distortion and allow for a strong connection. These nuts have superior flexibility and bolster long service life. The Metal T Nuts prevent any radial movement. These nuts have good resistance to corrosive media in harsh environments. Industrial T Nuts cover UNC, UNF, UNEF, NPT, NPTF, and UNS thread standards. These nuts are available in sizes M2 to M160 sizes.

Tee nuts specifications and dimensions

T-Nut Specification

T-Nut Dimensions

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What are tee nuts used for?

A tee nut is a fastener that is used to fasten wood or composite material workpieces. The Tee Nut is a feature in nuclear power, the automotive industry, the construction sector, wind power, and the electronic industry.

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What size t-nuts for climbing holds?

The size of a t-nut for climbing material is the nominal thread diameter. These Climbing T Nuts range in size from about #6 to 3/8. Sizes less than 1/4 appear as the number size but above 1/4 are specified in inches.

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How do you insert t nuts?

An insert t nut can be installed by punching a hole in the material. The Threaded T Nut is then installed into the hole to tighten into the right specification. The bolts are then fitted with a washer and tightened with the Sliding T Nut. The nut is then tightened using the right torque.

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What is the purpose of a t-slot nut?

The T-slot nut is a threaded fastener that is employed to clamp and position secure pieces in the system. A T-slot Nut helps slide a channel to grip the material and create a strong connection.

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How do you fit a prong tee nut?

A prong tee nut is a T shaped nut that can be fitted directly into wood or plastic. The Pronged T Nut is then fastened using a reliable wrench to affix them efficiently.