Tantalum fasteners

Tantalum Fasteners

What are tantalum fasteners?

A tantalum fastener is a device that allows connection with a range of applications. These Tantalum Fasteners are characterized by a silvery pure metal specification. They are designed in the form of bolts, nuts, studs, washers, screws, etc. The Tantalum Heavy Hex Bolts have superior resistance to corrosive affluents and showcase superior strength. These bolts are affixed using nuts and Tantalum RO5400 Washers. The nuts improve the clamping force in the system, while washers allow for even weight distribution. The Tantalum Studs have good biocompatibility and outstanding mechanical properties. These studs can be custom designed to suit all project requirements.

Tantalum Fasteners Specifications

Tantalum Fasteners Chemical Composition

Tantalum Threaded Rod Physical Properties

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Application of tantalum bolts

A tantalum bolt is a threaded fastener that is partially threaded across its length. These Tantalum Bolts are used to connect two or more equipment in the system. These bolts are common in electrical devices like capacitors, aircraft engines, surgical implants, and nuclear power plants. The Tantalum RO5200 Hex Bolts can also be used as a substitute material for expensive platinum fasteners.

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What is the hardness of tantalum threaded rod?

The hardness of a tantalum threaded rod is the inherent resistance of the material to withstand friction or erosion. A Tantalum Threaded Rod has a Brinell hardness of 195max.

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What is the tensile strength of tantalum stud bolts?

A tantalum stud bolt is a high tensile grade that allows it to handle higher loads. These Tantalum Stud Bolts have a minimum tensile strength of 900mpa.

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What is the advantage of tantalum anchor bolts?

A tantalum anchor bolt is a device used to attach different structural elements. The Tantalum Anchor bolts provide stability and support to different applications. These bolts have superior corrosion resistance over other grade fasteners.

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What coatings are available on tantalum nuts?

A tantalum nut coating is a protective coat that protects them against corrosive affluents. The Tantalum Nuts can be coated with zinc, PTFE, phosphate, Teflon, galvanizing, cadmium, and xylon coating.

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