Tantalum screws

Tantalum Screws

What are tantalum screws?

A tantalum screw is a shiny, silvery pure soft metal fastener. The Tantalum Screws have excellent corrosion resistance properties compared to standard titanium, nickel, or zirconium alloys. Tantalum Set Screws have a short and slender raised helical thread designed with a slotted head. These screws can be rotated directly into the wood, steel, concrete, etc. The Tantalum RO5200 Wood Screws have a melting point of 2850 degrees C with a boiling point of 6000 degrees C. These screws showcase superior mechanical properties and tolerances. TA Alloy Counter Sunk Head Screws can be fastened efficiently with a screwdriver or a wrench. These screws are able to be customized as per project requirements.

Tantalum Screws Specifications

Tantalum Screws Chemical Composition

Tantalum Allen Head Screws Physical Properties

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Characteristics of tantalum socket head cap screws

A tantalum socket head cap is a 6-sided grade designed having a hexagonal cross section. The Tantalum Socket Head Cap Screws are silvery metal that is soft and immune to chemical attacks. The screws have a density of 16.65 g/cm3 with good melting and boiling point.

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What are the properties of tantalum allen head screws?

A tantalum Allen head screw is an insoluble oxide having excellent properties in different systems. Tantalum Allen Head Screws have excellent corrosion properties and have high strength and stiffness. These screws have high purity and are biocompatible. The Tantalum RO5400 Grub Screws have good mechanical properties, having enhanced electrical resistivity and conductivity.

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What is the temperature for a tantalum plug screw?

A tantalum plug screw is designed to operate in temperatures below 150 degrees C. The Tantalum Plug Screw may embrittle in oxygen rich environments above 250 degrees C.

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What is the application of tantalum hex socket head screws ?

A tantalum hex socket head screw is employed to work in a range of industries. The Tantalum Hex Socket Head Screws are used in aerospace, modern electronics, biomedical fields, surgical implants, and equipment to handle corrosive chemicals.

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Disadvantages of tantalum machine screws

A tantalum machine screw has a finer accurate thread that may loosen due to stress. The Tantalum Machine Screws have a lower mass and are available at higher prices. These screws may be vulnerable under variable load conditions.