Tellurium copper bar

Tellurium Copper Bar

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C145 Tellurium is known as a free-machining alloy. A Tellurium Cu Bar has its precipitations in the microstructure. This impacts the cutting of chips into short pieces. A Tellurium Copper Rod has a higher machining speed than pure copper. It has a very high thermal conductivity. It also has a high electrical conductivity.

A Tellurium Copper Bar is resistant to hydrogen embrittlement. It is the perfect choice for manufacturing forged products. It is used in electrical parts that require high machining. Its chemical formula is TelCu. It is highly sought after on a global scale.

Tellurium copper bar specification, chemical composition and mechanical properties

Tellurium copper bar specification

Tellurium copper bar properties

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Tellurium copper can be used for a variety of purposes. A Tellurium Copper Rod can be used as an electrode in EDM. It is used to replace copper during the grinding wheel loading process. It is done while the electrode is finely finished. Copper Tellurium Bars carry a high conductivity. It is a free-cutting copper alloy material successfully developed in the US. It was developed in the 1960s. It was used to fill gaps in industries. A Tellurium Bar has excellent cutting performance and electrical conductivity. It also has electrical ablation resistance.

Metallurgical test performed to detect grade of copper tellurium bars

Tellurium Cu bar tolerance

The hardness of any tolerance is its ability to withstand an applied load. The Tellurium Copper Square bar has an ultimate tensile strength of 11c MPa., and the shear modulus of elasticity of tellurium is 16 GPa. Hardness is the ability to withstand surface indentation. Brinell hardness test issue to test the hardness.

The Brinell hardness of tellurium is 200 MPa. Tellurium Copper Round Bar is also called alloy 145. It has good formability as well. It is a copper-based alloy that has different amounts of tellurium and phosphorus. The microstructure makes the metal so hard. It is a more cost-effective alternative for the maker.

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Application of copper tellurium alloy rod

By now, we are aware of the properties of copper tellurium. A Copper Tellurium Alloy Rod has corrosion resistance and good machinability. It also has electrical and thermal conductivity. It is used in many industries.

A Tellurium Rod is used in the welding and plumbing industry. It is also used widely in the electrical industry. It has the highest electrical conductivity of any commercial metal. It is also used to manufacture photovoltaic solar cells. A thin film of this metal properly absorbs the sunlight. It then converts it into electricity.

Tellurium cu bar and tellurium copper square bar available size 5 mm to 50 mm with standard length

What is copper tellurium alloy flat bar heat temperature?

The melting point of this alloy is 1080 degrees C. its density is 8.99 g/cm, and its specific heat is 385 J/kg. Tellurium Copper Hex Bar can be used in the fabrication process like no other alloy. It has mechanical properties. They are the same as unalloyed or pure copper. Its machinability rating is 85 %.

Copper Tellurium Alloy Flat Bar’s machinability is higher than most unalloyed coppers. It is 20 % plus. It has good formability as well. It is resistant to atmospheric corrosion. Its elongation capabilities are between 4-12 %.

Other popular grades