Threaded ball valve

Threaded ball valve

What is a threaded ball valve?

Ball valves are available in various styles such as full port, standard port, reduced port, and so on. One such type is the Threaded ball valves which is a quarter turn valve.

A hollow, perforated ball is used to regulate the flow of fluid in these valves. It opens when the hole of the ball is aligned with the flow and closes when the handle is rotated 90 degrees. 2 inch threaded ball valve uses a full port style.

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How do you install a male threaded ball valve?

It is very simple to install these valves all you have to do is thread the ball into the pipe and tighten it with your hand. You can also tighten the valve using an adjustable wrench. Care must be taken that you do not over tighten the Male threaded ball valves as this might damage the threads and break the valve.

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Does it matter which way a female threaded ball valve is installed?

A female valves has threads on the inner side and can be installed by threading the pipe into the valves. Unlike the male counterpart wherein the valves is fixed into the pipe. The direction of the Female threaded ball valve does not matter as it is often used as a bidirectional valves.

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What is the Brass threaded ball valve used for?

These valves are used in applications that work with steam, air, gas, and liquid. These valves have internal and external threads that help in outlet and inlet connections. The brass threaded ball valve is used in residential and commercial plumbing as long as the fluid flowing through them is not corrosive.

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How long does the Kf threaded ball valves last?

These valves have a life expectancy of 8-10 years however if maintained well they can run for over 12-14 years. For these Kf threaded ball valves to have a long life they need to be cleaned and maintained regularly deposition of dirt and sediments can cause them to fail.

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In what conditions a threaded brass ball valve is recommended?

These valves are used in low pressure conditions where non aggressive fluids such as water, gas, oil, and light applications are used. Threaded end ball valve display excellent results in the temperature range of -20 degrees C to +150 degrees C.

The torque used for Stainless steel threaded ball valves can vary depending on the temperature and type of fluid being used. The torque in the Threaded brass ball valves can drop due to the high frequency of operation. Factors such as actuation methods, valve function, application condition, media type, and cost of maintenance need to be considered.

3 piece threaded ball valves has 3 ports which can be used as 2 inlets and one outlet to mix 2 fluids or 1 inlet and 2 outlets to divert the fluids. They are available in different sizes. 4 inch threaded ball valves has a working pressure rating of 1000 PSI. Whereas, 6 inch threaded ball valves has a pressure rating between 150 to 25000 PSI. as the size increases the pressure holding capacity of these valves also increases. Brass threaded ball valves are very common in our day to day life and are widely seen in the piping system of buildings.