Tie rods

Tie Rods

What are tie rods?

A tie rod is a structural slender unit employed to carry high tensile loads. The Tie Rods are used to brace steel columns that are utilized to support automotive and canopies. The versatile Track Rod helps in evenly transmitting the force on the grade. These rods are used to securely hold material to prevent separation in the system. An Inner And Outer Tie Rod has good strength and enhanced mechanical properties. These rods are customized in different sizes as per project requirements.

Tie Rod specifications, dimensions and weight

Tie Rod Specifications

Tie Rod Dimensions

Tie Rod Weight Chart

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How much does it cost to fix inner and outer tie rods?

An inner tie rod is difficult to replace when compared to an outer tie. The Inner Tie Rod is priced between $20.32 to $40.34 based on the size and other requirements. On the contrary, an Outer Tie Rod is priced between $17.35 to $35.23. The charges of mechanics will cost extra.

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What are the causes of bad tie rods?

The causes of bad tie rods are common due to normal tears and harsh conditions. The Inner Tie Rod End fails due to a lack of lubrication which can shorten its life.

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What is the function of a rod and turnbuckle rafter ties?

The rod and turnbuckle are a device that can be used to adjust tensions in ropes, cables, and other tensioning systems. Rod And Turnbuckle Rafter Ties help reduce any slack and have a variety of applications in different industries.

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What is the tie rod manufacturing process?

A tie rod is produced by forming steel material for various hot forging processes. Heavy Duty Tie Rod Ends are then cut into a ball joint portion in desired sizes.

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How to identify that tie rod end requires a change?

The signs that a tie rod requires a change is when you hear a squealing sound, and it wears out. A Tie Rod End requires changing if it is misaligned from the front end. If there is an unusual feeling during the movement of the Bent Tie Rod, then it is a sign it requires a change. Replacing the rods is far more efficient when they are replaced at an early stage. If you have a Broken Tie Rod, then it may cost extra to repair.