Tinned copper wire

Tinned copper wire

An uninsulated wire which is coated by a thin layer of tin is called as a tinned copper wire. Main reason why we coat it with tin is because it resists oxidation in humid and rainy environments. In other words, this wire is mainly designed to resist this problem and it is recommended for use which promises longevity, by lasting longer. It is also highly durable. They also have extendable cable life.

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Despite providing resistance to corrosive environments, large scale of stranded tinned copper wire.

  • They are mainly used for wastewater treatment, scenarios where excess oil, gas and water is present. They are often requested in scenarios where excess sodium chloride salts are present.
  • Adding to this, when you choose this wire, it not only suits your basic needs, but also lasts for a longer time, exhibiting excellent properties without any issues. They are also easy to work with and do not worry you.
  • Tinned copper ground wire provides resistance to corrosion at a large scale. You would see formation of metal oxides when copper is exposed to water. This weakens the bond.

Specification of tinned copper wire

tinned copper wire specification

Bare tinned fine wire sizes Marine tinned round wire dimensions Packaging
  • Thickness:
    0.120 mm – 8.509 mm
    0.0002 – 0.335 inch
  • Flat wire width:
    0.89 mm- 38.46 mm
    0.035″ – 1.50″
  • Thickness:
    0.019 mm – 10.16 mm
    .00075″ – .400″
  • Coil
  • Spool
  • Carrier
  • Reel (Plastic/ wooden)
  • Z Packs
  • Drums
  • Formers
  • Custom
Single core tinned copper square wire size range Stranded tinned copper wire delivery condition Melting point of tinned copper drain wire
  • Thickness:
    0.762 –  6.35 mm
    0.030 – .250 inch
  • width:
    .030 – .250 inch
    0.762 – 6.35 mm
  • 1/4 hard
  • 1/2 hard
  • 3/4 hard
  • full hard
  • Soft annealed tinned copper wire wire
  • Tinned Hard-Drawn
  • Medium-Hard-Drawn
  • Soft
  • 1085°C to 1215°C
  • 1985°F to 2219°F
Tin-coated copper wire applications Types of tinned copper wire Flat tinned copper braided wire finish
  • Springs
  • Wire mesh
  • Wire cloth
  • Knitting wire
  • Hose braiding
  • Engineered components
  • Cabling wire
  • Medical wire
  • Weaving wire
  • Wall ties
  • Bare tinned copper flat wire
  • Tinned copper shaped wire
  • Marine tinned copper  rope
  • Annealed tinned copper square wire
  • Solid tinned copper strand
  • Bare tinned copper round wire
  • Marine tinned copper square edge flat wire
  • Single core tinned fine wire


  • Bright finish
  • Soap-drawn finish
  • Matte finish
  • Grease finish
Solid tinned copper flat wire sizes Gauge of annealed tinned copper wire Tinned copper wire american & international specification
  • width:
    0.002 inch – 1.00 inch
    0.05 – 25.40 mm
  • Thickness:
  • 0.0002″ – 0.210″
    0.00508 mm –  5.33 mm
  • 12 AWG
  • 14 AWG
  • 16 AWG
  • 18 AWG


  • ASTM B33

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Despite broad characteristics that it covers, tinned copper drain wire offers advantageous features and below are some of the respective advantages that can meet your standards:

  • High thermal conductivity is exhibited by this wire.
  • This wire promises long term durability.
  • They are creep resistant.
  • Tinned copper multistrand wire offer good solderability.
  • They have high strength.
  • Offers good malleability and ductility characteristics.

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Tensile, elongation, and mold tests are carried out on the flat tinned copper braided wire and tinned copper multistrand wire

tinned copper wire size chart