Titanium anchor bolts

Titanium Anchor Bolts

What are titanium anchor bolts?

A titanium anchor bolt is a versatile fastener that is used to hold equipment efficiently. The Titanium Anchor Bolts connect structural and non-structural elements directly to concrete. These bolts allow them to have enhanced locking strength and tolerances. Titanium Swedge Bolts are lightweight and can be affixed, making use of nuts to hold them. The nuts have a strong clamping force and axial strength. The Titanium Alloy Headed Anchor Bolts may also require a washer to evenly distribute their loads in the system. These bolts bolster good mechanical properties and tolerances. This L Type Anchor Titanium Foundation Bolt can be customized to suit different project requirements.

Titanium Anchor Bolts Specifications

Titanium Anchor Bolts Chemical Composition

Titanium Resin Anchors Mechanical Properties

Titanium Anchor Bolts Dimensions

Titanium Anchor Bolts Weight Chart

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How much does an M5 titanium wedge anchor bolts weight?

The Titanium M5 wedge anchor bolt weighs up to 1.23 kg. This Titanium Wedge Anchor Bolts weight can be calculated using the formula length x width x thickness x density.

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What sizes do titanium resin anchors come in?

Titanium resin anchors are designed with diameters of M2 to M100 or more. The Titanium Resin Anchors can be availed in lengths up to 6000mm or be custom designed.

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What are titanium straight anchor bolt used for in construction?

Titanium anchor bolts are designed in their own sizes and shapes, making them a good choice in the construction sector. A Titanium Straight Anchor Bolt used in the construction sector are L-shaped, double end rods with plated, headed, and swedge bolts.

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What is the purpose of titanium toggle bolts?

A titanium toggle bolt is known as a butterfly hanger for hanging objects on the walls. The Titanium Toggle Bolts help create friction between the surface once they are bolted.

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How is the length of an titanium alloy expansion bolt measured?

A titanium expansion bolt is measured based on the length and diameter of the bolt. The Titanium Alloy Expansion Bolt is measured from the distance from the outer thread to the other side also referred to as the major diameter. Measure the bottom cavity to find its minor diameter. The Titanium Concrete Anchor Bolts length is the distance from the anchor part to the blunt end of the bolt.