Titanium flanges

Titanium Flanges

What are the Titanium Flanges?

Titanium is the 9th most abundant element which is found in nature only as an oxide. The Titanium Flanges have a lustrous transition metal and have a silver color. The Astm B381 Blind Flange is known for its low density and high strength. They can show good corrosion resistance properties too and can be manufactured according to the specific requirements. The B381 Gr F5 Titanium Slip On Flanges are strong and refractory metal and thus, they are used in various applications in spacecraft and aircraft. The Titanium Exhaust Flange can also be found in the military’s state-of-the-art equipment.

Titanium Flanges specification, chemical composition and mechanical properties

Titanium Flange Specification
Titanium Flanges Standard Specification

Titanium Flanges Properties

ASTM b381 b16.5 blind flanges and titanium weld neck flange suppliers in UAE

What is the difference between ASTM B381 B16.5 Blind and Weld Neck flange?

Titanium Blind Flange comes without a hub and bore in the center, and they are used for terminating the piperun in a piping system.
The Titanium Weld Neck Flanges come with a high hub in the center, and it assures smooth piperun by relocating the stress to the pipe. It ensures a decrease in high-stress concentration at the bottom of the pipe.

Titanium v band flange as per BS, DIN, EN, ANSI, & ASME b16.5, view titanium pipe flange price per kg in Dubai, check available sizes

What size titanium weld neck flanges are ideal for the petrochemical industry?

Titanium Socket Weld Flange is available within the standard size range of ½” to 48”, and the petrochemical industry can customize their products according to their specific requirements.

Titanium exhaust flange and ti header flanges for high-temperature applications in GCC countries, check dimension and pressure rating

What are the high-temperature applications of ti header flanges?

The Titanium Header Flange is used to attach to an exhaust pipe with another piece of exhaust pipe.

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How to check the MTC and hydro test report of the titanium pipe flange?

The MTC and hydro test report of Titanium Pipe Flange contain the following:

  • At the top, you will get information about the manufacturer who manufactured the material.
  • The heat number or lot number is specified in the test. All the material properties including chemical properties, mechanical properties, etc., are linked with the heat number. These properties are known as the technical delivery conditions.
  • The test report also contains the material specification and grade. While reading the reports, these should be matched with the minimum requirements given in material specification for technical and delivery conditions.
  • The MTC should also comply with the delivery conditions, like manufacturing process, type of flange, etc.
  • It also has a material dimension.
  • The mechanical properties will be present in the MTC for each heat number.
  • Additional testing, like hydro test can be performed wherein the flanges are ultrasonically tested. The flanges are also tested for their microstructure.
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What is the difference between titanium slip on flange surface finishings and coatings?

Different types of coatings and surface finishes can be applied on Titanium Slip On Flange to enhance its properties or appearances.

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