Titanium forged fittings

Titanium forged fittings

What is titanium forged fittings?

The forged fittings made of titanium have high strength but are light in weight. They can effectively resist a wide range of corrosive environments, and thus the Titanium Forged Fittings can be used in the automotive, automobile, and chemical industries. The material has high weldability, formability, and machinability. They are available with a wide range of surface finishes. The ASTM B381 Ti forged fittings come with a very high tensile strength and toughness over a wide range of temperature and pressure environments. The light weight of these fittings makes them very convenient, and they can also efficiently resist heat. The material is quite durable and thus has increased service life.

Titanium forged fittings specification

Titanium forged fittings material

Types of Titanium forged elbow

Titanium 45 degree threaded elbow

45 degree threaded elbow

Ti alloy 90 degree threaded elbow

90 degree threaded elbow

ASTM B381 Ti 45 degree socket weld elbow

45 degree socket weld elbow

Titanium alloy 90 degree socket weld elbow

90 degree socket weld elbow

ASTM B381 Titanium Street elbow

Street elbow

Titanium NPT elbow

NPT elbow

Types of Titanium forged adapter

ASTM B381 Titanium Expansion adapters

Expansion adapters

ASTM B381 Ti Mechanical joint adapters

Mechanical joint adapters

Types of Titanium coupling

ASTM B381 Ti Reducing coupling

Reducing coupling

ASTM B381 Titanium Threaded half coupling

Threaded half coupling

Titanium alloy Threaded full coupling

Threaded full coupling

Ti alloy Half coupling

Half coupling

Titanium Full coupling

Full coupling

Types of Titanium pipe nipple

ASTM B381 Titanium Barrel nipples

Barrel nipples

Titanium Hexagon nipple

Hexagon nipple

ASTM B381 Ti Eccentric Swage Nipple

Eccentric Swage Nipple

Titanium alloy Concentric Swage Nipple

Concentric Swage Nipple

Titanium alloy Swage nipple

Swage nipple

Types of Titanium union

ASTM B381 Ti Threaded Union Female Male

Threaded Union Female Male

ASTM B381 Titanium Socket weld union

Socket weld union

Ti alloy Threaded union

Threaded union

Titanium alloy Threaded Union Female-Female

Threaded Union Female-Female

Types of Titanium bushing

Ti alloy Hex bushing

Hex bushing

ASTM B381 Titanium Hex reducing bushing

Hex reducing bushing

Types of Titanium forged tee

Titanium Threaded tee

Threaded tee

Titanium Socket weld tee

Socket weld tee

ASTM B381 Titanium Diverter tee

Diverter tee

Ti alloy Lateral tee

Lateral tee

ASTM B381 Ti NPT tee

NPT tee

Types of Titanium forged cross

Titanium alloy Threaded cross

Threaded cross

ASTM B381 Titanium Socket weld cross

Socket weld cross

Types of Titanium forged cap

Ti alloy Threaded cap

Threaded cap

Titanium alloy Socket weld cap

Socket weld cap

Types of Titanium forged plug

Titanium alloy Hex bull plug

Hex bull plug

Ti alloy Bull plug

Bull plug

ASTM B381 Titanium Square head plug

Square head plug

ASTM B381 Ti Hex plug

Hex plug

Types of Titanium forged reducer

Titanium Threaded reducer

Threaded reducer

ASTM B381 Ti Socket weld concentric reducer

Socket weld concentric reducer

Ti alloy Female threaded reducer

Female threaded reducer

ASTM B381 Ti Male threaded reducer

Male threaded reducer

Other types of titanium forged fittings

ASTM B381 Titanium Boss


Titanium alloy Reducer Insert

Reducer Insert

Titanium NPT threaded fittings

NPT threaded fittings

Ti alloy BSP threaded fittings

BSP threaded fittings

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How is titanium socket weld fittings forged?

The titanium socket weld fittings can be made with forged steel, and they are used for smaller pipe diameters. They are made by the forging process and available in different pressure ratings like 300#, 600#, and 900#.

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Can you thread titanium threaded elbow?

The titanium threaded elbow is joined with a threaded connection. The tapered threads at the end of the pipes are cut, and then the sealants are applied as the thread-sealing compound. Then the pipe is screwed into the threaded fitting with the help of a pipe wrench.

View ASME B16.11 ti alloy socket weld fittings pressure rating, sizes, and price list

What are the benefits of forged titanium socket weld elbow?

The benefits of forged titanium socket weld elbow are:

  • They can be installed easily
  • They have a rugged construction
  • They can effectively resist corrosion
Refer to the chemical composition and specification of the ASTM B381 ti threaded hex plug

How to check forging capabilities of Ti alloy socket weld plug manufacturers to know if they can meet your requirement or not?

To check the forging capabilities of Ti alloy socket weld plug manufacturers to know if they can meet your requirement or not can be done by looking at the forging chart or by carrying out an inspection.

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Where titanium threaded pipe fittings should be used?

The titanium threaded pipe fittings are widely used in plumbing and electrical conduit system so as to join two thin-walled pipes together.

Recommended grades

Other popular grades