Titanium Gasket

titanium gasket

What is Titanium Gasket?

Titanium is considered among the strongest metals in the periodic table. These are used in various industries, as well as in piping systems often in the form of a titanium gasket. These are best known for their robustness, anti-corrosive properties, and lightweight nature. They also have a high-temperature rating, and with the right coating can handle extreme pressure as well. They have a much lower leak rate than spiral wound gaskets and offer a dependable seal. This makes them a preferred choice for toxic mediums, or systems working with hazardous fumes.

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Working Parameters of Titanium Head Gasket

There are only a few metals available for the manufacturing of gaskets that are as strong as titanium. But it is not just its strength for which it is regarded, but overall resilience to various conditions too. While a titanium head gasket is not commonly used, certain applications benefit from it. This would be the high temperature and high-pressure environments where the hardness of the material matter. It is also highly corrosion-resistant. It is best known for its outstanding resistance to oxidizing agents, which makes it suitable for use where these are involved.

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What Are The Advantages Titanium Alloy Gasket?

The following are the advantages of a titanium alloy gasket:

  • The gasket has an excellent strength-to-weight ratio. It provides the same strength as steel but is around 60% lighter than it.
  • It can handle extreme pressure and vacuum sealing.
  • It is highly corrosion resistant, particularly towards strong oxidizing agents.
  • It can be manufactured to suit dissimilar flanges and gaps.
  • It requires the least sealing force at the time of installation.
  • A titanium metal gasket leaves minimal graphite residue at the time of replacing it.
  • The gasket has unmatched resistance in saltwater environments.

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Titanium Grade 2 Gasket is Best for Your Application?

If your application involves use in seawater, a Titanium grade 2 gasket can be the right choice. It is highly resistant to environments where excessive chlorides and chlorine are present. Titanium, other than being lightweight is known to handle years of exposure in such an environment. It can also handle high temperatures. The use of a Titanium type 2 PTFE gasket makes it inert to chlorine and chlorides and wet chlorine gas. Its protective layer regenerates extremely quickly in oxygen and water. However, it is not suitable for the oxidizing environment if less than 1% water is present. That might ignite it.

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Available Coatings Types of Titanium RTJ Gasket

A titanium RTJ gasket is already a reliable product that can ensure a leakproof system for an extended period. But with the right coating, both its performance and lifespan can be boosted. Moreover, the features it already has can be enhanced, making it most valuable. The coating is done depending on the application, and only a thin layer of coating is done (0.003 inches). Nickel and zinc are the materials often used to coat gaskets made from titanium. The available coatings would depend on your manufacturer. Another common coating for Titanium alloy flat ring gasket is PTFE.

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What Is Annealing Of Titanium Oval Ring Joint Gasket?

Annealing of a titanium oval ring joint gasket involves heat treating it to change its physical (and chemical) characteristics. After the heat treatment, the material is allowed to cool rapidly. Annealing a titanium sealing ring gasket has various benefits and makes it more workable. To begin with, it eliminates stress caused during fabrication (stress relieving). Then, it restabilizes the alloy structure and improves its plasticity. Moreover, it further increases the strength and fracture resistance of titanium and optimizes high-temperature creep strength. The end product is thus more ductile, durable, and even stronger.