Titanium Grade 1 Sheet

titanium grade 1 sheet

What is titanium grade 1 sheet ?

Titanium grade 1 is a commercially pure titanium grade. The Titanium Grade 1 Sheet has resistance to mild reducing or oxidizing media. These sheets have good ductility and good impact toughness. The Cp Grade 1 Titanium Sheet has outstanding formability and showcases a melting point of up to 1670 degrees C. The sheets are lightweight and add an aesthetical outlook to the grade. An Uns R50250 Plate is common in chemical processing, chlorate manufacturing, architecture, the medical sector, automotive parts, marine industries, etc.

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Titanium Grade 1 Sheet Specification

Titanium Grade 1 Sheet Properties

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Titanium grade 1 vs 2

Titanium grades 1 and 2 are the first two grade of the titanium specification. The Titanium Grade 1 Vs 2 debate has been raging for several years now. Here are some elements that differentiate them. The Titanium Cp Grade 1 Sheet is the softest material having the best ductility. Grade 2 sheets are slightly stronger and are the workhorse of this grade. Grade 2 titanium has superior tensile strength compared to the grade, making them fit to work in harsh environments.


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Titanium grade 1 vs 5

The grades of titanium are designed with different qualities. Titanium Gr 1 Vs 5 can be differentiated based on key characteristics. Titanium grade 1 is the purest alloy of titanium and has relatively higher ductility than grade 5. The Titanium Grade 1 Plate has comparatively lower strength. The grade 5 alloys are extremely reliable and showcase superior strength. This is why they are widely used in the industry when compared to the Asme Sb 265 Gr 1 Sheet.


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What is difference between grade 1 titanium sheet cost in india and china

The price of the Titanium gr 1 Sheet is based on its size, thickness, and various other factors. The price of these sheets in India is between $20.64 to $22.35 per kg. The price of the Titanium Sheet Grade 1 Cost in China is below $18.93 per kg. However, the sheets produced in China are of lower quality than in China.


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What is annealing temperature of titanium grade 1 plate ?

The Titanium gr 1 plate annealing takes place as it is heated at 704 degrees C. Here the Astm B265 Gr1 Plate is held for 2 hours, followed by air cooling.


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What is hardness of grade 1 titanium sheet ?

The Grade 1 Titanium Alloy sheets have a Brinell hardness of 120max.