Titanium Grade 2 Fasteners

Titanium Grade 2 Fasteners

What are Titanium Grade 2 Fasteners?

These are unalloyed, pure titanium and they have exceptional corrosion resistance properties. Although this pure alpha-titanium material has moderate strength, it is called the workhorse of the industry.

Titanium Grade 2 Fasteners Specifications

Titanium Grade 2 Fasteners Properties

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What is the tensile strength of Titanium Grade 2 Bolts?

The ultimate tensile strength of the material is 344 MPa.

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Are Gr2 Titanium Studs heat resistant?

Like most titanium alloys, these bolts can be used at elevated temperatures. It is possible to use Titanium Grade 2 Fasteners in continuous service up to a temperature of 800°F.

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ASTM B348 UNS R50400 Hex Bolts characteristics

  • The material is commercially pure titanium
  • It is very light in weight.
  • These bolts have a hexagonal head, with a threaded shank – that can mate with its nut.
  • Grade 2 titanium bolts have high corrosion resistance properties
  • Moderate to good tensile strength values
  • Can be used in elevated temperatures
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What are the advantages and disadvantages of a DIN 3.7035 Threaded Rod?

Advantages –
The material is strong. It has good resistance to many chemical reagents. Its low density makes it suitable for applications that have limitations on weight.

Disadvantages –
The fasteners are expensive, and easily get corroded in the presence of strong acids

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What coatings are available on Titanium Grade 2 screws?

Popular coatings for these fasteners include – Cadmium Coating, phosphate coating, Teflon, zinc, xylon and hot-dipped galvanization.