Titanium grade 2 pipe

Titanium Grade 2 Pipe

What is titanium Grade 2 pipe?

Since its discovery in 1791, Titanium has formed alloys with other metals to increase its excellent properties for making spacecraft to pipes and tubes. ASME and other standards organizations approved many grades for Titanium. All the grades have Titanium as the major element and many specific elements in small quantities. Hence depending on the composition of each titanium grade will have particular properties and uses.

Titanium Grade 2 pipe is the most common pipe made from strong Titanium. It has moderate strength, excellent weldability and cold formability. Since it has a lower density than stainless steel, it finds use in many applications that need excellent corrosion resistance.

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Titanium Grade 2 Pipe Specification

Titanium Grade 2 Pipe Properties

Titanium Grade 2 vs grade 5 tube hardness

Though Grade 2 and 5 tubes are two of the many grades of Titanium, there are many differences between them. Titanium Grade 2 tube made from pure alpha alloys, also known as the workhorse. It is because of its strength to become the most popular used alloy in the piping industry. Grade 5 titanium alpha-beta alloy, though with limited hardenability but gets increased by adding aluminium and vanadium.

  • Titanium grade 2 has a Rockwell hardness of 80 B, whereas grade 5 has 41 C
  • Titanium grade 2 has a Vickers hardness of 145, whereas grade 5 has 396

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Is titanium pipe grade 2 magnetic?

Titanium pipe grade 2 is not magnetic. It is because of the high titanium content of 99% and a minimum of 0.39% iron. Because of this unique non-magnetic property and high titanium content, grade 2 pipes it is useful in many applications in several industries. And for its superior strength, many call it a workhorse to be popular among many sectors worldwide.

UNS R50400 welded tube has excellent weldability, formability and ductility to be useful in many sectors. WNR 3.7035 welded pipe has high resistance to oxidant reduction for use in many industries.

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Can you solder titanium tube grade 2?

Titanium tube grade 2, of all its many fantastic virtues, is impossible to solder—the significant reason is the rapid oxidizing of Titanium exposed to oxygen. Reactive metal Titanium and its alloys oxidize upon exposure to air or any environment containing oxygen which many refer to as surface passivation.

Titanium reacts with oxygen at 2190 F or 1200 C in air and at 1130 F or 510 C in pure oxygen to form titanium dioxide. But brazing the pipes and tubes made of Titanium is possible in a controlled atmosphere. One of the traditional brazing methods is joining two metal surfaces and allowing molten metal to flow into the joint.

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How strong is the CP Grade 2 seamless pipe?

CP Grade 2 seamless pipe has moderate strength but is light in weight and with excellent weldability and cold formability. CP or commercially pure titanium Grade 2 makes not only seamless pipes but also Grade 2 titanium tubing to have enough strength for use in medical applications.

Titanium alloy Gr2 seamless tube is popular for its high corrosion resistance, strength-to-low weight ratio, and other excellent properties. Hence it is best for making many surgical requirements like staples, orthopaedic cables, pins, screws, cryogenic vessels, in-joint replacements, bone fixation devices, etc.

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Grade 2 titanium vs steel

Grade 2 titanium and steel are both beautiful and look the same to a layman’s eyes. But checking their chemical composition, mechanical, and thermal properties, there are many differences. With Titanium being more expensive than steel, their uses also vary as per the need and budget. A few differences between pipes and tubes made of Titanium Gr 2 and steel included.

  • Gr2 titanium is lighter than steel
  • Titanium gr 2 becomes stronger than steel if added with aluminium or vanadium,
  • Highest grade stainless steel is stronger than any grade 2 titanium alloy
  • Grade 2 Titanium alloy is more expensive than stainless steel