Titanium Grade 2 Plate

titanium grade 2 plate

What is titanium grade 2 plate ?

Titanium grade 2 is a commercially pure alloy grade. The Titanium Grade 2 Plate has 99% titanium content with oxygen, carbon, nitrogen, hydrogen, and iron as its other chemical constituents. The plates have excellent corrosion resistant in strongly adherent conditions. ASTM B265 UNS R50400 Strips are lightweight and strong at the same time. These strips have higher ductility and good oxidizing conditions. The titanium grade 2 Coil can be efficiently coiled and later cut into desired sizes and shapes. The coils are resistant to attack from moist chlorides, metallic chlorides, and hypochlorite solutions. A Werkstoff Nr. 3.7035 checker plate is a lightweight metal plate that has good anti-slip and decorative features. These plates may have diamonds or lines on one side and the other side is plain.

The plates are designed in different size specifications. Titanium Grade 2 Plate Weight Calculator is an efficient device that is utilized to calculate the weight of a plate. Another method to calculate weight is using the formula length x thickness x width x density to give you weight. The Titanium Grade 2 Sheet Cost starts at $20.83 per kg.

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Titanium Grade 2 Plate Specification

Titanium Grade 2 Plate Properties

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Titanium grade 2 vs grade 5

Titanium 2 and 5 are two of the most titanium grades in the industry. The Titanium Grade 2 Sheet is the workhorse of the commercially pure titanium industry. Titanium grade 5, on the contrary, is a workhorse of the titanium industry. A Grade 2 Titanium Sheet has excellent ductility and formability when compared to grade 5 sheets. The Titanium grade 5 has superior strength and tolerances. The Cp Grade 2 Titanium Sheet has lower strength and tolerances compared to the other grade. Grade 5 also works well in higher temperatures compared to grade 2. The Grade 2 Titanium perforated sheet is cheaper in comparison to titanium grade 5.


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What is titanium grade 2 plate density in kg/m3 ?

The grade 2 Titanium plate is designed with a density of 4.51 g/cm3.


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What is grade 2 titanium sheet heat treatment ?

The titanium grade 2 can be hardened using heat treatment processes. They can be both processed in hot and cold rolling procedures. A Ti Grade 2 Hot rolled Plate is produced at high temperatures and conditions above their recrystallization limit. The hot working process enhances the overall ductility of the material. The UNS R50400 Cold rolled Plate are processed at room temperature. These plates are moderately tempered that helps it attain favorable performance.

The grade 2 titanium Rolling Sheets can also be annealed at temperatures of 704 degrees C and followed by air cooling. The sheets can also be rough forged at temperatures of 899 degrees C. A DIN 3.7035 Flat Sheet machinability is similar to austenitic stainless steel grade. The sheets are machined at low speed with a heavy feed rate.


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What is gr 2 titanium plate temperature limits ?

The cp grade 2 titanium steel plate is designed to work in continuous temperatures up to 800 degrees F. For intermittent service, it can work in temperatures up to 1000 degrees F.


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How hard is grade 2 titanium sheet ?

The Grade 2 Titanium steel plate is designed with a hardness of 200 Brinell max.