Titanium Grade 5 Fasteners

Titanium Grade 5 Fasteners

What are titanium grade 5 fasteners?

These fasteners are typically seen in demanding applications that call for lighter-weight materials. The alloy of Titanium Grade 5 Fasteners contains about 6% aluminium with 4% vanadium. Classified as an alpha-beta alloy, the alloy is also commercially referred to as Ti 6AI-4V.

Titanium Grade 5 Fasteners Specifications

Titanium Grade 5 Fasteners Properties

Titanium Grade 5 Fasteners Dimensions

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Ti-6al-4v bolts & nuts characteristics

These nuts have a yield strength of 880 MPa and a tensile strength of 950 MPa. The other characteristics include low thermal expansion, good fatigue resistance, high strength-to-weight ratio, and low modulus of elasticity.

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What are the properties of grade 5 titanium hex bolts?

  • High tensile strength
  • Stronger than commercially pure titanium alloys
  • lower in density
  • Good corrosion resistance properties
  • Can withstand temperatures as high as 800°F

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What is the application of UNS R56400 studs?

The alloy offers several advantageous properties. Key amongst them is its low density. This property makes it valuable in the aerospace and aircraft maintenance industry. These sectors need high-strength and lightweight fasteners. These fasteners are also seen in the automobile manufacturing sector for their high tensile properties.

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Disadvantages of ti gr.5 stud bolt

Though the alloy can be used at elevated temperatures, using it above 400°C causes the fastener to lose its tensile strength.

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What is the price difference between titanium grade 5 hex nut and ASTM B348 gr 5 heavy hex bolt?

The FOB price for a Hex nut is $500 per Ton and for a Heavy hex bolt is $850 per Metric Ton. Because a hex bolt is slightly thicker than a conventional bolt, it weighs more. Therefore, there is a slight upcharge for these fasteners.