Titanium machined parts

Titanium machined parts

The parts are generally produces by wire EDM, milling, turning or laser cutting. Titanium machined parts are highly resistant to corrosion and exhibits superb bio-compatibility property which makes them ideal parts or components for medical industry. CNC titanium Parts are non- magnetic, highly durable with strong mechanical properties. Due to strong Ti composition the parts work efficiently even in harsh environmental conditions. Titanium CNC machined parts display excellent oxidation resistance hence prevents rusting and damages caused by atmospheric contaminants. The machined parts are highly resistant to corrosion and have excellent surface quality.

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The precision parts exhibit maximum service temperature up to 6000C. The parts are available in excellent surface finishing of powder coating paint. They deliver superior functionality due to its absolute toughness and hardness of 36 HRC.

Titanium Machined Parts Specifications

Size High Operating Temperatures High Melting Point
2” Up to 42” (Up to 1,000°F) 3,000 degrees F
Ultimate Tensile Strength Elongation Hardness
138 KPSI 14% 36 HRC
Tolerances Grade Of Titanium Machined Parts Features
  • ±0.125mm (±0.005″)
  • Titanium Grades 2
  • Titanium Grade 5
  • Titanium Grade 9
  • Lightweight
  • Resist Corrosion
  • Extremely Durable
Process Surface Treatment Surface Finish
CNC Macining Sandblasting Powder Coating Paint
Titanium CNC Machined Parts Maximum Service Temp Types Of Ti Machined Parts
  • Engine Parts
  • Medical Prostheses
  • Orthopedic Implants
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Ocean Applications
  • Machine Frames
600 °C, and 1100 °F
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  • CNC Titanium Parts
  • Titanium Turned Parts
  • Cnc Titanium Components
  • Titanium Cnc Machining
  • CNC Milling Titanium
  • Titanium Precision Parts
  • Precision Turned Components

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CNC titanium parts exhibit excellent heat tolerance capacity and can withstand wide range of high temperature applications. The machined parts are strongly resistant to various chemicals. The machined parts are lightweighted and exhibits high strength. Titanium due to its exceptional qualities are in great demand by many manufacturers to produce high quality precision turned Titanium components.

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CNC titanium components are inbuild with high ductility and strength to weight ratio of any metal. Titanium precision turned components possesses excellent machinability property. The machining process can form high quality parts with complex geometrics and tight tolerances.

Titanium cnc machining and cnc milling titanium for critical aerospace, battery, and electronics applications

Titanium CNC machining parts are widely used in the medical, aerospace, food and beverage, designing, automotive, electronic, military, ocean, engine and consumer goods applications. Titanium turned parts are popular for its dimensional accuracy and precise specifications.

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Fasten the titanium precision parts securely to prevent deflection in the workpiece. Selection of the appropriate cutting tool is very important to obtain high quality machined parts with accuracy. All the cutting parameters are properly must be properly implemented or overlooked for obtaining the desired product. Properly apply high pressure and steady coolant to keep the work piece and tooling cool and prevent overheating.