Titanium manifold valve

Titanium manifold valve

The demand for these valves is increasing day by day due to its outstanding high strength. Titanium manifold valve display superior performance due its excellent functionality and strong melting point of 1632oC. Chemical and water-based industries extensively utilize Titanium grade 5 manifold valve as they highly resistant to corrosion and chemicals. The valves are very versatile and available in different sizes. Grade 2 titanium 2 way manifold valve prevent leakage and are very popular for its long life span. Due to their excellent fatigue and fracture resistance property Ti grade 2 instrumentation manifolds are strongly capable of working in high pressure and volume flow applications.

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Specification of Titanium manifold valve

Titanium Manifold Valve Specification

Sizes End Connections Pressure Rating
1/8″ to 1″
  • Socket
  • Threaded
  • Clamped
  • Flanged
  • 1500 PSI to 15000 PSI
Temperature Equivalents Listed titanium manifold valve suppliers stock following brands
-50°C TO 350°C
  • UNS N56400
  • UNS R50400
  • DIN 3.7035
  • DIN 3.7165
  • Swagelok
  • Parker
  • Hamlet
  • Oliver valves
  • Rose mount
  • Hoke
Testing Threads Types
  • Hydrostatic test
  • Pneumatic test
  • Pitting Resistance Test
  • BSP
  • JIC
  • NPT
  • UNF
  • BSPT
  • 2 Way
  • 5 Way
  • 3 Way
  • 4 Way
Mechanical properties List of projects supplied by titanium manifold valve suppliers Standards
  • Tensile Strength : 138000 psi
  • Yield Strength: 128000 psi
  • Melting Point: 1632 °C
  • Density: 4.43 g/cm3
  • Lekoil Limited – Nigeria
  • Manzanillo LNG Terminal – Mexico
  • Thanlyin Refinery – Myanmar
  • Arzew-GL1Z LNG Plant – Algeria
  • Mombasa Refinery – Kenya
  • ASME B31.1
  • IEC 61518
  • DIN EN 61518
  • ISO 15156
  • NACE MR0175
Body Shape Temperature of Media Seal ring material
  • Rectangle
  • Square
  • Medium Temperature
  • High Temperature
  • Normal Temperature
  • Low Temperature
  • PPL
  • Soft Graphite
  • PTFE
Types of titanium manifold valve Packing Mounting
  • Titanium manifold valve
  • Titanium 5 way manifold valve
  • Titanium 2 way manifold valve
  • Sb 348 gr 2 3 way manifold valve
  • Ti grade 2 instrumentation manifold valve
  • Astm b348 grade 5 high pressure manifold valve
  • Ti cp grade 2 hydraulic manifold valve
  • Titanium grade 5 instrumentation manifolds
  • Box packing
  • Wooden pallet
  • Distant mounting
  • Direct mounting
  • Indirect mounting

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These manifold valves are very easy to install and can be easily maintained. ASTM b348 grade 5 high pressure manifold valve are highly durable and efficiently regulate the flow of different medias and promote stability of the system. There are various industrial testing methods used for these valves which includes:

  • Hydrostatic test- the pressure testing method involves using of pressurized water to detect the leak tightness and pressure holding capacity of the Cp grade 2 titanium 5 way manifold valve.
  • Pneumatic test- this technique involves using of gases such as air, helium or nitrogen and check the overall integrity and functionality of Ti cp grade 2 manifold control valve under pressurized conditions.
  • Pitting resistance test- this testing method is used to check the pitting resistance property of the Sb 348 gr 2 instrumentation manifold valve and make sure the valve is highly resistant to pitting corrosion and are ready to be used in sea water and other marine based applications.

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ASTM b348 grade 5 high pressure manifold valves are designed from titanium alloy that ensures exceptional resistance to corrosion and higher strength

Titanium high pressure manifold valves chemical and mechanical properties

Titanium Manifold Valve Properties