Titanium needle valve

Titanium needle valve

What is a titanium needle valve?

These valves are engineered to provide exceptional performance and reliability in demanding applications where corrosion resistance and lightweight properties are crucial. Made up of high-quality titanium alloys, such as Grade 2 and Grade 5, the Titanium needle valve is ideal for use in industries that require lightweight and high-strength alloys.

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Titanium Needle Valve SpecificationTitanium Needle Valve Properties

Ti alloy Grade 2 and 5 instrumentation needle valves suppliers in UAE

Titanium Grade 2 and Grade 5 are distinct alloys with different mechanical properties and applications. Grade 2, also known as the UNS R50400 titanium compression needle valve, is a pure titanium alloy known for its excellent corrosion resistance, high ductility, and moderate strength. It is commonly used in applications requiring lightweight materials and superior corrosion resistance, such as Titanium gr 2 angle needle valve.

On the other hand, Grade 5, also referred to as Ti-6al-4v compression needle valve, is an alpha-beta titanium alloy with higher strength and lower ductility than Grade 2. Grade 5 needle valves, such as the DIN 3.7165 high-temperature needle valve, are often used in high-stress applications like aerospace and industrial equipment.

Buy ASTM b367 gr c2 flow control needle valve at the best price in Dubai and parker/ Swagelok equivalent uns r50400 titanium compression needle valve to ensure a leak free system

ASTM B367 Grade C2 is a material specification for cast titanium alloy components, including flow control needle valves. The valves of this type are lightweight and have corrosion resistance properties. Complicated applications like aerospace, marine, and oil and gas industries use these valves. The ASTM B367 gr c2 flow control needle valve is designed to provide precise control over fluid flow in demanding environments.

Cp grade 5 hydraulic needle valve in various end connections including NPT, SW & flanged, check ti-6al-4v compression needle valve specifications, body material, and price list

The Titanium grade 2 hydraulic needle valve is highly weldable. The material is formable and is durable. The strength and the ductility of the material is also plus point.
There are a few applications that require extreme corrosion resistance. The titanium valves have very high corrosion resistance.
The UNS N56400 instrumentation needle valve has less weight compared to many other alloys and metals. This is particularly useful in the defense and the aerospace industries.

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The prices of Ti gr 5 flow control needle valve, may vary significantly between India and Europe. These products are available for a lower cost than in other countries not only due to the availability of raw materials but mainly because of the cheap labor. While the European countries might have better technology or raw materials, the high labor in Europe makes India a low-cost producer, without compromising the quality.

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The materials might be cheaper in some locations than others, but it doesn’t mean they will cost you low. The major cost in getting the products at your project site is the shipping cost. So when you decide from where to purchase, consider the shipping times. The delivery times vary from country to country. Since India has ample transportation available to the middle east, you could get your order in relatively short time. It cannot be guaranteed with all suppliers. However, we have listed out the best suppliers for the Ti alloy needle valve, so that you don’t spend too much time waiting for the delivery.