Titanium Pipe Fittings

Titanium Pipe Fittings

What are titanium pipe fittings?

These components are produced from commercially pure titanium or titanium alloys. It is typical behaviour for Titanium Pipe Fittings to exhibit good strength at higher temperatures (lesser than 400oC ).

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How to measure titanium stub ends thickness?

The thickness of a stub end can be measured by using the following equation –

  • Thickness = Outer diameter – Inner diameter

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How are titanium fittings produced?

The manufacturing process for titanium fittings includes techniques such as -forging, forming, fusion welding, shaping, piercing, pressing, upsetting, rolling, extruding, and bending. Generally, a manufacturer may use either a single or two processes or a combination of more than three operations.

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Advantages and disadvantages of ti fittings

Advantages –

  • Fittings are resistant to marine environments
  • They can withstand moderately high temperatures without losing their creep strength.
  • Unlike stainless steel, the density of titanium is much lower, making it suitable for aerospace and defence sectors.

Disadvantages –

  • These fittings lose their strength when used in applications over 400oC.
  • Compared to some heat-treated steel alloys, Titanium has lower hardness.
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How strong are titanium alloy pipe fittings compared to stainless steel?

Although commercially pure titanium is less dense than stainless steel, its strength is nearly similar to some conventional alloys. The ultimate tensile strength of commercially pure titanium grades is around 434 MPa. Stainless steel alloys belonging to the ferritic class exhibit tensile strength on a similar level. On the other hand, austenitic stainless steel alloys have a higher tensile strength property.

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