Titanium Sheet

titanium sheet

What is titanium sheet ?

Titanium sheet is a lightweight, high strength grade employed in high performance applications. A Titanium Sheet is a thin metal grade that has titanium as the primary alloy with other constituting alloys. This allows the sheets to have excellent corrosion resistance across harsh environments. The Titanium Sheet Thickness varies between 0.5mm to 6mm. The sheets add an aesthetical outlook to the grade but don’t provide stability to different applications.

The Ti Sheets are very flexible, and their thermal expansion is lower. These sheets also showcase outstanding impact absorption with a good strength-to-weight ratio. The Thin Titanium Sheet has good tensile and yield strength. These sheets allow them to work in different conditions for prolonged periods. The Titanium metal strip can be welded following standard shop fabrication procedures.

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Titanium Sheet Specification

Titanium Sheet Properties

Titanium Sheet Mechanical Properties

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Is titanium sheet easy to cut ? Which is best way to cut ?

Titanium sheet is the purest form of metal that is difficult to cut. A Titanium Sheet Metal must be cut at relatively low temperatures to prevent contamination, discoloration, and warping. The 2mm Titanium Sheet can be cut using a band saw cutting, plasma cutting, CNC machine cutting, and laser cutting methods.


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How bending titanium sheet is perform ?

The titanium sheet is difficult to bend due to its superior strength. Titanium Alloy Sheet, however, have a low modulus of elasticity. This allows it to be flexible allowing it to return to its original shape after welding. The Titanium Plate can be bent following conventional bending equipment. Mandrel benders allow it to be used in tight bends and require a larger radius.


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How many grades of titanium sheet ?

Titanium sheets are designed with commercially pure and titanium based alloy specifications. The Ti Alloy Sheet includes grade 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 11, 12, 19, 23. The other grades are the alpha-beta titanium alloys.


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What is the cost of titanium per kg ?

The price of titanium is based on its chemical content, the thickness of the material, and other specifications. The cost of titanium is $66.96 per kg in India.


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How to determine whether your manufacturer or supplier is legitimate ?

Finding a manufacturer or supplier capable of providing quality products is a difficult consignment. Select a vendor who can provide all test results and certifications of the products. Further, check reviews or customer feedback about the owner to get a better understanding.