Tongue and groove flange

Tongue and groove flange

What is a tongue and groove flanges?

A tongue and groove flanges has a raised ring that has a machined depression on its face. The tongue and groove flanges ensures a watertight sealing in the grade. These flanges are employed to connect different piping equipment in the system. The tongue & groove flange can be designed with a range of material types. These flanges have good corrosion resistance in varying environments. A tongue flange has a raised ring that is machined into its face. The groove flange has a matching depression that allows it to be efficiently connected. The T&g flanges thereby doesn’t require any welding to affix the material in place. These flanges are designed with different standard types and specifications. Ansi tongue and groove flange have standard sizes of DN 10 to DN 5000. These flanges are rated at pressure classes of 150# to 2500#.

The ASME B16.5 tongue and groove flanges can be coated with a material to give it protection against corrosion and rust. The best origin to purchase the ASTM A312 F304 tongue & groove flanges in India, Japan, Korea, and West Europe. They are available in different face types. Most manufacturers of the A105 tongue and groove joint flange are to be customized as per requirements.

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Tongue And Groove Flange dimensions, weight and specification

Tongue And Groove Flange Specification

Tongue And Groove Flange Dimensions

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Where are tongue and groove flanges used?

Tongue and groove flanges have exceptional performance designed to meet several demands. Carbon Steel large tongue and groove flanges are used in chemical processing, plumbing, power plants, food processing, and structural applications. The groove flanges are also a feature in water supply systems, pulp, and paper, fabrication services, general purpose applications, etc.

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Where do you put the ss tongue and groove flange?

The stainless steel tongue and groove flanges are designed to have good corrosion and oxidation resistance. A stainless steel tongue flanges allows for easy sealing and is a feature in different process equipment. They also have long service life across harsh environments.

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What is the piping convention for installing ASME b16.5 tongue and groove flanges?

The ASME b16.5 tongue and groove flanges can be installed without requiring any welding process. A Large tongue flanges has a ring type raised face that is installed into the machined face of the groove flange.

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How to identify tongue and groove flange?

The tongue and groove flanges are made with two types of flanges. A small tongue and Groove flange can be recognized as the tongue has a raised ring. The grooved part of the flange is machined into the face. Like large types, they are also available in small sizes.

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What surface finishes are available for the T&G flange?

The surface finish of a flanges is employed to enhance the appearance and locking capability in the environment. tongue and groove joint flanges is available with stock, smooth and serrated surface finish.