Tri-clamp manifold

Tri-Clamp Manifolds

What Is Tri-clamp Manifolds?

These are a type of sanitary fittings, that create multiple outflows from a single pipe. A single unit of a Sanitary Tri Clamp Spool Manifold can substitute multiple tees used in succession.

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Advantages of Stainless Steel Tri Clamp Manifold

A benefit of using Custom Tri Clamp Fabricated Manifolds is that the number of flows created is higher as compared to a single tee. It reduces installation time, because they offer multiple outlets, unlike tees – which only offer two. The price of using a manifold tends to be lower as well. They also exhibit properties of the material like good tensile strength, superior corrosion resistance, durability etc.

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What Are SS304 Tri Clamp Manifolds Used For?

Instead of using multiple tee fittings in a line to create a number of flows, using a Sanitary Food Tri-Clamp Manifold proves to be an economical option. Here, the flow is diverged into multiple smaller flows, as required in an application.

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Application of Manifolds Tri-Clamp

In process-based sectors like Dairy, chemical, breweries, Pharma & Food Processing, SS304 Tri Clamp Manifolds are used to create separate flows.

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Is Custom Tri Clamp Fabricated Manifolds Rust Proof?

Whether a custom 1.5 tri-clamp manifold will be rust-proof, is dependent on the material used to produce the component. Grades like 316 stainless steel offer decent corrosion resistance properties at an affordable price. Rusting is a phenomenon that occurs in steel alloys with a higher content of iron. To minimise rusting, a preventive measure would be using nickel alloy steel. Yet, using a Stainless Steel Tri-Clamp Manifold is not a bad option as it is advantageous because it is strong and has resistance to caustic chemicals. Another way to delay rusting is by galvanizing them so a thick layer of zinc protects the fitting. Other popular coatings include zinc, cadmium, phosphorus, oil, and paint. Etc. With customisation, the surface treatment carried out on the Tri Clamp 1.5 inch x 3 Port Manifold can be specific. Polishing can eliminate the grainy texture on the surface of the fitting, thus effectively reducing the chances of corrosion.

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How Do I Know What Size Sanitary Food Tri-Clamp Manifold To Buy?

While purchasing tri-clamp manifolds, it is critical to get the right measurements for the application to function smoothly. Before purchasing it, one needs to measure the inner and outer diameter of a pipe it is to connect. The easiest way to do that is to outline the connecting device on a sheet of paper. Once you have the tracing, the paper can be cut and used as a template while purchasing the manifold.