Tri-Clamp Reducers

Tri-Clamp Reducers

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Manufacturing Standards:

  • 3-A sanitary standards aims to ensure the design and requirements of sanitary reducers.
  • ASME BPE is for Bioprocessing Equipment and is used for construction of equipment in the same industry.
  • ISO standards is related to the hygienic design and cleanliness of sanitary pipe reducer.

Quality Process:

  • The product design must be proper and relevant to the industry standards.
  • The sanitary clamp reducer should be manufactured with precise control to meet the required diameter, thickness and length.
  • The surface finish should meet the required standards for cleanliness and hygiene. It must be smooth and polished to prevent bacterial accumulation and be cleaned easily.
  • Welding and fabrication must be done by skilled professionals to avoid defects like weld contamination, porosity, etc.
  • The manufacturer should provide certification after thorough inspection that the reducer meets the required industry standards and quality specifications.

Specification of tri clamp reducers

Sizes Sanitary reducer Surfaces Manufacturing standard of tri clover reducer
DN 10 – DN 150
  • Ra ≤ 1,6 µm (Not in contact with product)
  • ID Finish <0.5µm
  • Ra ≤ 0,8 µm (Contact with product)
  • OD Finish <0.8­µm Polished
  • DIN 32676
  • ISO 2852
  • BS 4825
  • ASTM A270

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Key Features Types of sanitary pipe reducer fittings Sealing material
  • Easy-to-clean
  • Crevice-free welds
  • Smooth weld ends
  • Manufactured from cold-formed stainless steel single piece
  • Tri-clamp concentric reducers (sanitary concentric reducer)
  • Tri clamp eccentric reducer (sanitary eccentric reducer)
  • Tri clamp bowl reducer
  • Tri clamp end cap reducer
  • FKM
  • EPDM
  • HNBR
Other trade name Surface finish & roughness average (Ra) Available material
  • SS hygienic clamp reducer
  • ASME/ BPE tc reducer
  • Stainless steel sanitary tri clamp concentric reducer
  • Pharmaceutical tri clamp eccentric reducer
  • SS dairy tri clamp bowl reducer
  • 32Ra
  • 20Ra
  • 15Ra
  • BS 4825 tri clamp concentric reducer : roughness average (Ra) of  32Ra
  • DIN 11850 tri clamp bowl reducer: (Ra) of < 0.8 – 1.6 μ
  • ISO 2037 eccentric reducer : Anodized
  • 1.4301 (SS 304 sanitary clamp reducer)
  • 316 stainless steel tri clamp reducer
  • 1.4435 (SS 316LMo sanitary weld reducer)
  • 1.4404 (SS 316L Sanitary butt-weld concentric reducer
Stainless steel sanitary pipe reducer electropolishing specification Sanitary weld concentric / eccentric reducers DIN standard Stainless steel tri clamp reducer MTC & testing certificates
  • SF0 : µ-in / µm
  • SF1 : 20 µ-in 0.51 µm
  • SF2 : 25 µ-in 0.64 µm
  • SF3 : 30 µ-in 0.76 µm
  • SF4 : 15 µ-in 0.38 µm
  • SF5 20 µ-in 0.51 µm
  • SF6 : 25 µ-in 0.64 µm
  • DIN 11865
  • DIN 32676
  • ASME BPE Standard DT-18
  • DIN 11851
  • Surface roughness test certificate
  • DIN EN 10204 3.1 test certificate
  • 3.1/AD2000-W2 test certificate

Price comparison of stainless steel tri-clamp reducers

Size Stainless steel 304 tri clamp reducer Stainless steel 316L tri clamp reducer
2″ x 1″
  • Sanitary Tri-Clamp concentric reducer – US $43.24
  • Sanitary Tri-Clamp eccentric reducer – US $106.42
  • Sanitary Tri-Clamp concentric reducer – US $47.67
  • Sanitary Tri-Clamp eccentric reducer – US $175.64
3″x 1″
  • Concentric reducer – US $152.44
  • Eccentric reducer – US $146.60
  • Concentric reducer – US $174.48
  • Eccentric reducer – US $237.93
3″x 2″
  • Concentric reducer -US $56.53
  • Eccentric reducer – US $84.54
  • Concentric reducer – US $61.00
  • Eccentric reducer – US $109.84
4″x 1″
  • Concentric reducer – US $236.07
  • Eccentric reducer – US $309.00
  • Concentric reducer – US $274.92
  • Eccentric reducer -US $272.74

Purchase sanitary eccentric reducer at a 10% lower cost, also check stainless steel 304 TC reducer installation process

  • After selecting the right gasket, clamps and ferrules, ensure that they are clean and in the right condition. Now place the gasket on each end of the tri clamp concentric reducer and ensure they are properly sealed within the grooves.
  • One end of the tc reducer should be attached to the TC pipe and the ends must be aligned to the gasket and ferrule. Also place the clamp over the TC ends to hold all the components together.
  • Secure the connection by tightening the clamp as per recommendation.

Find trustworthy sanitary concentric reducer importers in the Middle East, view 316 stainless steel clamp reducer key benefits

  • The clamp reducer can help with smooth transition from a larger to a smaller size and vice versa.
  • They add flexibility to the piping system by changing their flow rates or system layouts.
  • The clamps can reduce pressure fluctuations and vibrations inside the pipe.
  • The 316 ss clamp reducers are easy to install and can be removed for maintenance and repairs.
  • They are a cost effective solution when compared to welded or threaded reducers.
  • The clamp reducers are versatile and can be used in various industrial processes and water treatments.
Get pricing from many trusted stockists of sanitary pipe reducer in United Arab Emirates and refer tri clamp concentric reducer thickness calculation

The thickness calculation is done to ensure the reducer can withstand a given operating condition without failing. You need to know the maximum operating temperature and pressure that the reducer will experience to do the calculation. You must also consider the material properties and design codes to get the right value.

Types of reducers available are:

  • Sanitary Concentric Reducer is used for maintaining flow characteristics within pipes of different sizes.
  • Sanitary Eccentric Reducer prevents air and other components from getting trapped inside the piping system.
  • Tees are used for branching the pipeline.
  • Specialty reducers are customized specific to the application.
Do not accept orders for stainless steel tri clamp reducer without all test reports & MTC, best deal on 3″ to 2″ & 2″ to 1.5″ tri clamp reducer in Dubai
  • Measure the outside diameter (OD) of both the larger and smaller pipes.
  • Determine the required reduction size needed for the tri clamp bowl reducer.
  • Choose the appropriate reducer size that matches the size and reduction of the pipes you want to connect.
  • Ensure that the chosen stainless steel tri clamp reducer has a smooth transition that will not cause turbulence or pressure drops that could affect the performance of the system.
  • If the system will be used in a high-temperature or corrosive environment, ensure that the chosen reducer is made of a suitable material that can withstand these conditions.