Tri-Clamp Sight Glass

Tri-Clamp Sight Glass

What Is Tri-clamp Sight Glass?

In breweries, this fitting permits the brewer a peek into the brewing assembly line. Meaning the brewer is able to check on the brewing media flowing through the pipes, boilers, and barrels while it is being transported from point A to point B, with the help of a tri-clamp sight glass.

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What Is The Purpose Of Sanitary Sight Glasses?

The main purpose of sanitary sight glasses is to monitor the media flowing through the assembly line while it is being processed. The processing of liquids gives out various gases like carbon dioxide, etc. At higher concentrations, they cause dizziness and may be flammable. Since the processing takes place in an enclosed environment, the brewer or any worker is not exposed to these gases, ensuring smooth processing of the fluid. Basically, they help the brewer observe the characteristics of the fluid like colour, clarity and flow. The other purpose of using a tri clover sight glass is to maintain hygiene and optimize the safety and quality of the product.

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How Does A Hygienic Sight Glass Work?

Upon installation, they function as a window by permitting the brewer a view to observe processes that take place inside the system (i.e. tanks, pipes, reactors and vessels). Typically, soda lime glass or borosilicate glass is preferred in the brewing industry as a sanitary clamp sight glass because they offer strength even in higher temperature environments. The metal portion of the fitting is generally grade 304 or 316, whichever is commercially feasible. They offer moderate strength, and good resistance to corrosion and perform well in both high and low-temperature environments. Lastly, they resist corrosion from gases like carbon dioxide.

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How To Replace Tri Clover Sight Glass?

To replace a sight glass one needs to have all the required equipment at hand, including rubber gaskets and brass rings in the correct size. Accessories like measurement tape, clean cloth, a marker, a wench and a glass tube cutter are prerequisites in the installation process. The first step is to isolate the glass by closing the upper and lower gauge valves. Drain the excess water with the cock present on the lower valve assembly. After draining the fluid, verify the glass valve is completely devoid of any fluid. The next step is to loosen the brass hardware. When the hardware is free from the upper and lower valves, remove the tube from the water column as gently as possible. Avoid using the older sight glass as a template for the new Tri-Clamp Sanitary Short Sight Glass, instead measure it to get an optimum fitting. Note that the previous sight glass may have not had the required measurements. Following this step can help prevent any hindrance to the application.

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How To Measure Sight Glass With Tri Clamp Ends Size?

The design of a gauge glass valve will have a stop inside. The stope will not permit the tubing to move any further into the valve. While removing the gauge glass, one must carefully take measurements of the stop and its distance. Using a small gauge or rule will get you an accurate measurement. To measure the distance of the assembly, start the measurement from the face of the upper valve and terminate it at the lower valve. Once you have this measurement, include the measure from one of the valveā€™s faces. This will help to stop casting the face-to-face measurement of the assembly. The gauge glass must be cut to the same length as this. When the glass is marked, rotate the glass to 180 degrees and mark it again with the same measurement. In addition to acting as a reference point, the 2nd marking will help you make an accurate cut.

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Is Sanitary Tank Sight Glass Suitable For Chemical Fertilizer Pipe Use?

Yes, a sanitary tank sight glass could be used to process chemical fertilizers. The sight glass exhibits good strength and can withstand high-temperature environments. In terms of the metal used, grade 316 is a common alloy used in the production of the sight glass. A marine-grade alloy, it does not cause any reaction with chemicals like urea or ammonia- both of which are fairly common in the production of fertilizers.