Tri-clamp tee

Tri-clamp tee

What Is Tri-clamp Tees?

These are sanitary fittings used in combination with a gasket and clamp in the food and beverage industry. Apart from its off-brand name i.e. tri-clamp tees is a tri clover tee, they may be referred to in the industry as a Clamp Clover or a Clover Clamp. Like other fittings, they can either converge or diverge the flow of media in a piping system.

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What Does A Tri Clamp Instrument Tee Do?

Similar in appearance to a long tee, the construction of a tri clamp instrument tee is with a shorter branch. As the branch is shorter, it minimizes dead space, thus permitting the installation of pressure gauges and other instruments similar to a pressure gauge.

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Tri Clamp Tee Fittings Types And Uses

There are several different types of clover clamp fittings. A list of the fitting types is mentioned below –
Tri Clamp Long Tees

These fittings are a simplified manifold that aids in the regulation of the direction of the media in a piping system. When they are arranged in succession, it results in the formation of a simple inline oxygen rig that is seen in brewing systems.

Tri clamp 1.5 instrument tee

Though they are similar to long tee fittings, they are designed with a short branch to minimize dead space. When dead space is reduced, it is possible to install a pressure gauge or similar instruments to a piping system.

Reducing Tees

Similar to a regular tee, the tri clamp reducing tee is a simple manifold that is constructed with a single port. Despite its single port, the fitting offers its user an advantage. By using a reducing tee, the user saves on the cost and time to install two units of clamp & gasket connections. Thus this is an efficient connection compared to using an inline reducer.

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Applications Of Tri Clamp Reducing Tee

Because they are sanitary fittings, these tees are produced from grade 316 stainless steel. Hence, they offer good corrosion resistance properties with moderate tensile strength. They tend to be non-reactive to several chemical substances or media in different industries. In addition to the food and beverage industry, the Trynox Sanitary Tri Clamp Equal Tee is popular in the pharma, Dairy, Biotech and Botanical Extraction sectors as well.

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Features Of Tri Clamp Sanitary Tee

Usually, they have good resistance to oxidation corrosion. Since they are resistant to abrasion, the chances of the fitting adversely affecting the media are reduced. The main feature of tri clamp tee fittings is their leakproof connection. They form a leakproof seal when they are attached to two pipes or tubes. Instruments like pressure gauges, Thermometers or Thermowells are easily attached to the assembly when the fitting is used.

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How To Measure Tri Clover Tee?

As the fitting has two different openings, the measurements for both will vary. However, it is possible to measure both the flange end and the tube end by drawing the outline of the circumference of the Stainless Steel TC Tee. It is possible to achieve accurate measurements while tracing the outline of the fitting, compared to directly measuring it.