Tri-clamp U bend

Tri-clamp U bend

What Is Tri Clamp Return Bends?

It is a hygienic connection fitting that is available in different bends. The most popular bends are angled at 45, 90 and 180 degrees. The diameter size of tri-clamp return bends will vary depending on the needs of the application.

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How To Calculate Tri Clamp Bend Radius?

A radius is ½ the length of its diameter. Measure the diameter of a tri-clamp u bend by calculating the distance from one end to the other end of the circumference. Once you have the diameter use the following formula to calculate its radius.

Radius = ½ d

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Why Sanitary Clamp 180° Return Bend Is Used?

A bend fitting like this not only changes the direction of the flow but can be installed and dismantled easily. In processing-based applications, specifically chemical, food, textiles, and petrochemical processing plants, it is crucial to clean or conduct maintenance activities to promote the good health of a piping system. When the Sanitary Clamp 180° Return Bend is dismantled and cleaned – the media flowing through the pipes is less likely to get altered and the pipe remains free from any residual chemicals that could lead to its eventual breakdown. One of the best materials to produce this fitting is stainless steel. Not only are there multiple grades available, but stainless steel Tri-Clamp 180° Return Bends tend to exhibit good resistance to abrasion while resisting corrosion even with prolonged exposure to heat.

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How To Calculate Stainless Steel TC Bend Length?

A bend can be calculated depending on the degree of its bend, for instance, a 90-degree bend is considered to be ¼ of a circle. Hence, the formula to calculate the Bend Length is

Length = ¼ 2πr

Similarly, a Tri Clamp 45-Degree Bend can be calculated using the same formula as above. However, ¼ will be substituted by ⅛.

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Difference Between Tri Clamp 45 Degree And 90 Deg Bend

A tri-clamp bend changes the direction of the flow in the angle they are constructed in. So a 45-degree bend will change the flow by 45 degrees from its run pipe. A 90-degree bend changes the flow by 90 degrees.

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What Are The Advantages Of Tri Clamp U Bend?

Primarily, the Tri-Clamp 180 Deg U-Bend Both Ends are preferred because they are easy to dismantle. They are ideal in industries that work principally on hygiene such as food, beverage, pharma and biotech. Lastly, they are useful during pipeline maintenance, repair and cleaning.