Triple eccentric butterfly valve

Triple eccentric butterfly valve

What is a triple offset butterfly valve?

Butterfly valves are gate valves with gates in the shape of butterfly wings. There are single, double, and triple offset valves. These are one, two, and three-way valves. The Triple eccentric butterfly valve is used in applications that require a tight shut-off. Applications that operate under high pressure also require hard sealing. The applications that require zero leakage would use soft seats while the applications with rated leakage can use metal seating for the butterfly valves.

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How does a triple offset butterfly valve work?

Three eccentric butterfly valve works with the pressure gradience. It is closed fully when the wedge touches the seat on both sides. The handwheel is operated manually or by electric motors to allow automatic shut-off and opening. The triple offset allows the flow to be uninterrupted by the Triple offset eccentric butterfly valve.

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The benefits of triple offset butterfly valves

Triple eccentric metal seated butterfly valve has a minimal leak and minimal interruption to the flow. It is added to a pipe where it is bidirectional, but there is a desired flow direction. The valves can work up to 700 degrees Celsius and down to -196 degrees. This allows the valves to be used in some high-temperature applications and cryogenic applications. Depending on the body material, the pressure capacities also range. The Triple offset butterfly control valve can handle pressures up to 26 MPa.

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of a triple eccentric butterfly valve?

The disadvantage of the Flange triple eccentric butterfly valve is that they cannot be used in high-pressure applications, especially with high temperatures. The materials used cannot withstand high wear and tear. However, the valve has zero leak capability. It can also perform a good sealing within quick times. The Api 609 triple offset butterfly valves are used with applications that are sensitive and have a definitive opening and closing with zero leaks.

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Where is the triple offset butterfly control valve used?

Triple offset metal seated butterfly valves are low-maintenance valves. They can be used in oil and gas, pulp and paper, power generation, shipbuilding, chemical, water management, and waste management applications. Since the Cryogenic triple eccentric butterfly valves have no clogging cavities, the disc and sealing components don’t create any clogging. This is because the valve makes contact with the seat only at the last degree of closure.

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Is triple offset eccentric butterfly valve bidirectional?

Yes, they are bidirectional, but they have the desired flow direction. Since the offsets are facilitated in the Triple offset low emission butterfly valves to make sure there is low friction between the valve and the fluid inside. This design has a desired direction of flow. In the opposite direction, there will be much friction. However, the flow can be reversed. Since the valve is operated at lower pressures, the valve does not have any serious drawbacks because of this feature.