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Tube clamps

What are hydraulic tube clamps?

Fastening devices that are used in hydraulic systems and used for holding and securing hydraulic pipes are known as tube clamps. They help in preventing unwanted movements or separating the pipes. The hydraulic tube clamps can be used with both steel hoses or pipes. They help to fasten small tubes or pipes to the surface- they work as clamps for extra security. There are different types of metric tube clamps and they are available in different dimensions which are customizable according to the specified requirements of the client. The anti vibration pipe clamps offer a great combination of damping and stiffness for applications that have a high risk of vibration. They result in reduced resonant piping vibration compared to any other industry lining material.

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What is hydraulic hose pipe clamp?

The hydraulic pipe clamps are used for fastening different devices that are used in the hydraulic system. There are single and double wire clamps which come with screws. These clamps can be used for different types of hydraulic hoses so as to eliminate the need of different fittings for different hoses.

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What is double hole tube clamp?

The double hole tube clamp helps in separating and holding two separate tubes, pipes, and conduit in a secured way between the fittings. It comes with a center mounting holes which allows for pipe separation. Different types of coating like vinyl coating on the pvc clamps can be done on the clamp to offer additional cushion protection in applications where vibrations might occur.

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What are anti vibration pipe clamps?

The anti vibration clamps help with applications that involve a two-phase flow system, slug flow, significant flow-induced turbulence, etc. They offer unique features that helps to balance various requirements for the design of your piping system.

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Advantages of tube clamps

The hydraulic hose pipe clamp helps to speed the process and it also lowers the operator fatigue. They help in eliminating unsafe equipment, and that will keep all the involved personnel safe and secured. It helps to remove the needless cutting and regrinding of equipment, as the fittings are mated correctly for the first time.

Application of hydraulic pipe clamp

The hydraulic hose clamp is an easy and effective way of performing the pressing processes. These are basically mechanical devices which use different types of liquid, like oil for clamping the workpiece with pressure. They are used for different types of pressing processes.

Features of pvc pipe clamp

The features of the pvc pipe clamp are:

  • They are one-part clamps.
  • They can be used for fixing the PVC rainwater and other PVC pipes.
  • They are UV stabilized.