Tungsten fasteners

Tungsten Fasteners

What are tungsten fasteners ?

A tungsten fastener is a mechanical device that efficiently connects or joins two surfaces together. Tungsten Fasteners create a strong connection and can either be permanently or temporarily affixed efficiently in the system. These Tungsten Carbide Fasteners are designed as bolts, screws, nuts, studs, rods, washers, etc. These fasteners have extreme strength at high temperatures with enhanced workability. Tungsten Nuts And Bolts have outstanding mechanical properties and extreme density. These fasteners have a melting point of 3420 degrees C. Tungsten Nuts have threaded holes that provide a better clamping force and prevent axial movement. The Tungsten Washers are employed to evenly distribute the load and prevent them from loosening in the system. Similar to all other fasteners, Tungsten Flat Washers are available in different sizes to suit project requirements.

Tungsten Fasteners Specifications

Tungsten Bolts Chemical Composition

Tungsten Nuts And Bolts Mechanical Properties

Tungsten Fasteners Grade Chart

Tungsten Fasteners Dimensions

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What is tungsten carbide bolts?

Tungsten bolts are silvery white metal, making them highly ductile and resistant to corrosion. These bolts are used to affix different equipment in the system and are fastened using Tungsten Carbide Nuts. The tungsten carbide bolts have good resistance to corrosion in an array of environments.

Check the tungsten nuts and bolts sizes and dimensions for tungsten carbide fasteners in UNC/ UNF threads in accordance with ASTM B777 standard

How are tungsten hex bolts sizes measured?

The tungsten hex bolts size is measured by calculating the diameter and length of the fastener. The length is calculated by measuring the distance from the hex head to its blunt end. The diameter of the Tungsten Bolts is calculated by measuring its distance from one outer thread to the other end.

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What is a standard tungsten bolts?

The tungsten bolts are covered under the specification of ASTM B777. The coated Tungsten Carbide Bolts have excellent load carrying capacity and performance.

Check tensile strength before buying tungsten hex bolts and nuts

How is tungsten nuts and bolts strength calculated?

The tungsten nuts and bolts strength can be calculated by checking its mechanical properties. Generally, the Tungsten Hex Bolts tensile and yield strength help determine and calculate their strength.

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What is the purpose of tungsten nuts ?

A tungsten nuts is a 6-sided fastener that helps improve its performance and load-carrying capacity. These hex bolts have an outstanding coefficient of friction and can operate in different temperatures. They are a feature in a heater, high-temperature furnaces, thermocouple retainers, etc.

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