Tungsten screws

Tungsten Screws

What are tungsten screws?

A tungsten screw is a mechanical fastener that has pointed edges and helps join a range of equipment. These Tungsten Screws have superior corrosion resistance properties with extremely high density. They can either be installed permanently or temporarily. The Tungsten Alloy Flat Head Screws have a high mass due to their base metal that allows them to block radiation. The versatile screws have ultra high density with good strength and stability. Tungsten Rc Screws have superior strength at extreme temperatures, and these attributes allow them to be utilized for balancing rotating parts. The Tungsten Button Head Torx Screw has outstanding mechanical properties with an enhanced melting point. The screws can be fastened with a screwdriver or a wrench. Tungsten Hexagon Socket Head Cap Screws can be coated with different media and customized as per requirements.

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Tungsten Tipped Screws Mechanical Properties

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How do I choose a tungsten set screws size?

The size of the tungsten set screws can be based on your project requirements. Once you’ve determined the size and diameter, check for Tungsten Set Screws having similar dimensions. If you need a custom solution, then get in touch with a manufacturer who can handle your requests.

Tungsten tipped screws and machine screws as per DIN 963 standards. Also, refer to mechanical properties and price list

Are tungsten tipped screws strong?

Tungsten tipped screws are the strongest type of fasteners in the industry. Tungsten Tipped Screws can be thereby; be employed to operate in high strength and pressure applications in different conditions.

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What are the applications of tungsten machine screws?

A tungsten machine screw is designed with accurate fine threads. Tungsten Machine Screws are common in aerospace, heat treating, furnace, oil and gas, medical equipment, hydrostatic pressure systems, etc.

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What is the best heat treatment for tungsten carbide screws?

The tungsten carbide screws can be hardened following different heat treatment processing. Generally, ordinary hardening of the Tungsten Carbide Screws can work well. These screws can also be graded quenched or isothermally quenched to increase their performance.

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What is tensile strength of a tungsten RC screws?

Tungsten screws are the strongest type of fasteners. The Tungsten RC Screws have a minimum tensile strength of 94000psi.