UNS S31803 tube fittings

UNS S31803 tube fittings

UNS S31803 tube fittings comprise equal proportions of austenite and ferrite compositions. This is one of the reasons why they show excellent resistance to major corrosive environments. Adding to this, they even exhibit excellent resistance to crevice-corrosion, thanks to the high content of molybdenum, nitrogen and chromium. It shows corrosion resistance properties comparatively good than other grades.

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ASTM A276 UNS S31803 compression fittings & SA 479 UNS S31803 male connector suppliers in UAE

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Specification of UNS S31803 tube fittings

Sizes in mm Sizes in Inch Equivalent to
  • 3mm – 50mm
  • 1/8″ – 2″
  • HOKE
  • DK-LOK

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Pressure Rating (PSI) Ends ASTM A276 UNS S31803 instrumentation thread specification
  • 300
  • 1000
  • 3000
  • 6000
  • 10000
  • 15000
  • 20000
  • Threaded
  • Welding
  • Socket weld
  • Butt weld
  • JIC
  • NPT – American National Pipe Thread, ANSI B1.20.1
  • Unified (SAE) – ANCI B1.1
  • BSPT / ISO Taper Pipe Thread – British Standard Pipe Taper Thread
    BS 21, DIN 2999, ISO 7/1, IS 554, JIS B0203
  • ISO Parallel Pipe Thread – British Standard Pipe Thread
    ISO 228/1, JIS B 0202, BS 2779, DIN 259, IS 2643
  • UNC thread – ASME B 1.1 Class 2a



Duplex S31803 compression fittings types International Standard
  • Front Ferrule
  • Back Ferrule
  • SA 479 S31803 Union
  • Coupling Cap
  • Reducing Union Tee
  • ASTM A479 S31803 Union Tee
  • Union Elbow
  • Bulkhead Union
  • Duplex S31803 Reducing Union
  • Fitting End Closure
  • Tube End Closure
  • Bulkhead Reducing Union
  • Male Connector
  • SA 479 S31803 45 Male Elbow
  • Positionable Male Run Tee
  • Female Adaptor
  • Male Adaptor
  • O – Seal Male Adaptor
  • SA 479 S31803 Reducer
  • Bulkhead Reducer
  • SA 479 S31803 Cross
  • Reducing Cross
  • ASTM A479 S31803 Bulkhead Male Connector
  • O – Seal Male Connector
  • ASTM A479 UNS S31803 Positionable Male Elbow
  • Butt Weld Pipe Elbow
  • Male Branch Tee
  • Butt Weld Pipe Connector
  • Positionable Male Branch Tee
  • Socket Weld Tube Connector
  • ASTM A479 UNS S31803 Socket Weld Tube Elbow
  • Female Connector
  • Duplex S31803 Bulkhead Female Connector
  • Female Run Tee
  • SA 479 S31803 Female Elbow
  • Female Branch Tee
  • ECE R110
  • EC-79
  • NACE MR0175
  • ISO 15156
  • MR0103
  • DIN EN 4401
Minimum Quantity Marking on UNS S31803 ASTM A276 instrumentation fitting Free Sample
  • 10 Pcs or contact below listed Duplex UNS S31803 compression fittings manufacturers for special request
  • Material
  • Size
  • Manufacturers/ suppliers name & logo
  • Yes, you can directly contact to below listed verified UNS S31803 tube fittings suppliers for a quick quote and free sample
ASTM standard & Equivalents Other trade name Manufacturing techniques
  • UNS S31803
  • ASTM A182/ A182M F51
  • ASME SA182/ SA 182M F51
  • ASTM A276/ A276M
  • ASTM A479 / A479M
  • ASME SA 276/ SA 276M
  • ASME SA 479/ SA 479M
  • EN 1.4462
  • A182 UNS S31803 Instrumentation fittings
  • ASTM A479 UNS S31803 tube fittings
  • UNS S31803 Ferrule fittings
  • Duplex S31803 compression fittings
  • F51 UNS S31803 Hydraulic fittings
  • Flare fittings (JIC/ AN fittings)
  • A479 UNS S31803 single ferrule fittings
  • ASTM A182 F51 Double ferrule fittings
  • SA 479 S31803 Twin ferrule fittings
  • Precision machined
  • Forged
Medium Connection type Key advantages
  • Water
  • Gas
  • Oil
  • Male
  • Male to male
  • Female
  • Male to female
  • Resistant to general corrosion
  • High resistance to stress corrosion cracking
  • Resistant to pitting and crevice corrosion
  • Resistant to erosion corrosion and corrosion fatigue
  • High mechanical strength


Find specification of UNS S31803 F51 hydraulic fittings and genuine ASTM A479 UNS S31803 instrumentation fittings suppliers

We make use of duplex UNS S31803 hydraulic fittings for the purpose of connection of components to hydraulic hose. Components included are pipes, tubes, cylinders which are hydraulic, and many other hydraulic systems. The main function is to alter, change or stop the flow direction. Another advantage is that it delivers leak-proof and tight connections. Hence they are widely demanded in high-pressure applications: such as pipeline industries.

Fully interchangeable with Parker A-Lok/ Swagelok Duplex S31803 high pressure compression fittings SA 276 UNS S31803 ferrule fittings at factory rates in Dubai

A fitting that is recommended for use case for joining, sealing or fastening purposes is SA 276 UNS S31803 ferrule fittings. The main purpose it to join or bind different sections of the pipe. For this, they make use of a circular clamp, which plays a role to connect it together.

Duplex UNS S31803 hydraulic fittings, flare fittings and ASTM A276 S31803 bulkhead union for problem-free operation

Duplex SS UNS S31803 flare fittings are known to deliver good pressure and temperature tolerance. They promise longevity and long term durability, along with heavy machinery characteristics. It basically has an end, which is tapered. This then fits into a tubing of flared piece and is then placed in association with a flare fitting and sleeve. This generates not only a leak-proof seal, but also a seal which is pressure-resistant.

Duplex SS UNS S31803 flare fittings and SA 479 S31803 instrumentation tube fittings in tapered/ parallel pipe threads for leak resistant function

For SA 479 UNS S31803 male connector, typical angle of 1047’ is applied to the centre of the fitting, in tapered pipe threads. Adding to this, thread flanks are sealed in between by tapered threads. On the other hand, in parallel pipe threads, it is applied to the fitting parallel by the centre. Differing from tapered threads, there involves no indulgence between the flank and the parallel thread roots. Adding to this. No utilization of Teflon tape is needed.

UNS S31803 instrumentation tube to male pipe thread

  • Instrumentation union
  • Instrumentation union tee
  • Front ferrule
  • Instrumentation male elbow
  • Bulkhead reducing union
  • Bulkhead elbow
  • Fitting end closure
  • Instrumentation back ferrule
  • Tube end closure
  • Union elbow
  • Bulkhead union
  • Instrumentation reducing union
  • Union cross
  • Coupling cap (nuts)
  • Positionable male elbow
  • Male connector
  • O seal male connector

ASTM A276 UNS S31803 instrumentation tube to female pipe thread

  • 45 Deg. Instrumentation Male Elbow
  • 45 Deg Positionable Male Elbow
  • Positionable Male Run Tee
  • Instrumentation Female Run Tee
  • Reducing Union Tee
  • Bulkhead Instrumentation Male Connector
  • Male Run Tee
  • Instrumentation Female Elbow
  • Bulkhead Female Connector
  • Male Branch Tee
  • Female Manometer Connector
  • Instrumentation Male Adapter
  • Female Branch Tee
  • Instrumentation Female Connector
  • Positionable Branch Tee
  • O Seal Male Adapter