Vascomax 350 plate

Vascomax 350 plate

What is Vascomax 350 plate ?

Vascomax 350 is a high-strength grade designed with increased toughness. The Maraging C350 Steel plate has a chemical content of carbon, silicon, manganese, nickel, cobalt, molybdenum, titanium, aluminum, and iron. Maraging Steel 350 Plate has good corrosion resistance properties and good strength. The higher strength and toughness doen’t affect its ductility. The c350 maraging steel material has high tensile and yield strength.

The material showcases higher fatigue and impact strength. The grade has excellent workability and is resistant to crack propagation. UNS K93120 Plate showcases enhanced weldability and a lower coefficient of expansion. These plates can be subjected to heat treatment to increase their strength. The Mil-S-46850D Plate can be availed in different sizes and shapes as per customer requirements.

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Vascomax 350 Plate Specification

Vascomax 350 Plate Properties

Vascomax 350 Plate Machinability

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Maraging c350 vs c300

The Maraging C350 and C300 are high strength grades. A Maraging Steel 350 Plate is heavier and harder than a standard C300 grade due to higher amounts of cobalt. The versatile DIN 1.6356 Sheet has superior tensile strength as compared to the C300 grade.


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What is maraging c350 heat treatment ?

The Maraging C350 steel sheet in a protective atmosphere doesn’t require annealing or aging. The C350 Maraging steel Sheet can be subject to annealing, solution annealing, and other types of heat treatment procedures.


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What is the density of vascomax® c350 sheet ?

The Vascomax® C350 sheet has a density of 0.292 lb/in3. prepared to provide you best traders list of premium quality UNS k93120 plates with quick delivery and customized cutting. Compare c200 vs c350


C200 vs c350

The C350 and C200 are two grades of super strength grades. The major difference between the grades is that the Vascomax® C350 Sheet has better strength and toughness than the C200 grade.


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Where is c350 maraging steel material used?

The C350 Maraging Plate is a common feature in wind tunnel models, landing gears, high performance shafting, missile cases, etc.