Wafer type butterfly valve

Wafer type butterfly valve

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Wafer type butterfly valve dimensions, weight and specification

Wafer Type Butterfly Valve Specification

Wafer lug and pneumatic butterfly valves manufacturers in UAE

A wafer butterfly valve is a quarter-turn rotary motion valve that is used to stop, regulate, and start the flow

Wafer end butterfly valve is available in sizes from 50 mm (2”) to. 600 mm (24”), in PN 10 pressure rating

Stocking distributor of wafers end type butterfly valves in the middle east and Africa, check wafer style butterfly valve specification/ weight and price per piece in Dubai
Cast iron wafer type butterfly valve leakage test as per API 598 standard, pneumatic actuated wafer butterfly valves are designed for a variety of applications for controlling liquids, gases, and slurries.

Wafer Type Butterfly Valve Material