Wear resistant steel plate

wear resistant steel plate

What is wear resistant steel ?

A wear resistant steel is a high-carbon alloy steel grade. The wear resistant steel is also known as abrasion resistant steel. This steel has a greater hardness than ordinary grades of steel. A wear plate steel has enhanced tolerances to wear and tear in the system. These plates have lower strength due to their higher hardness. The wear resistant steel plate has good impact toughness and resistance to abrasion.

These plates have excellent bending, edging, cutting, and welding performance. A wear resistant plate can also be tempered and are well-designed to operate in temperatures up to 250 degrees C. The higher temperature range can impact its properties. The ar wear plate significantly reduces maintenance costs and has good reliability for prolonged periods. Most wear plate supplier provide these plates in different sizes to meet customer requirements.

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Wear Resistant Steel Plate Specification

Wear Resistant Steel Plate Properties

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What are wear resistant steel grades?

Wear resistant steel is produced in several grades, which include 200, 235, 400, 450, 500, and 600 specifications. The wear resistant steel grades are manufactured like their brand name, similar to HARDOX, SUMIHARD, RAEX, JFE, XAR, and BIS.


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Where can I find the best wear plate steel manufacturer?

There are several wear steel plate manufacturers in the market. However, to find a quality wear resistant metal plates manufacturer, look at the profile of the vendor. See if they offer test certifications and any customer reviews.


wear resistant steel plate


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Where wear resistant plate used ?

A wear resistant plate is utilized to reduce wear and tear on surfaces that are exposed to intense impact and abrasion. The wear steel plate is fit for use in a number of machines that are used in earthmoving, mining other industrial applications. A wear resistance steel plate is easy to install and is cheaper than replacing machine parts. These plates are a feature in liner plates for mobile systems, conveyor chutes, skid plates, and bucket protection.


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How wear steel plate made?

A wear resistant steel plate is produced as high temperature steel is rolled into sheets. This gives the wear resistant steel sheet excellent strength. Here multiple layers of steel are compressed to create a single piece of plate. The versatile steel wear plate material can be cut into desired sizes. The type of steel that is created is based on the chemical composition of the elements in its molten state.


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What is hardness of ar wear plate ?

Abrasion resistant wear plate hardness is based on different grades. Generally, the number on the wear resistant stainless steel plate determines its nominal hardness.