Weathering steel plate

weathering steel plate

What is weathering steel plate ?

A weathering steel plate belongs to a family of low carbon steels with additional alloying elements. The weathered metal plate has superior strength and excellent resistance to corrosive media across harsh environments. The weathered plate is employed in outdoor applications where ordinary steel is inclined to rust. These plates are not like normal steel that resists rust formation.

The weathered stainless steel plate rusts on its outer surface and doesn’t allow the rust to penetrate inside. The rust layer protects the inner material for a prolonged period without causing the steels to be weakened. The welding weathering steels process can take place using a gas shield, gas, or submerged arc welding process. Spot welding is possible for thin material specifications. The weathering steels price varies based on the size, thickness, and material specifications of the grade.

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Weathering Steel Plate Properties

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What are weathering steel grades ?

A weathering steel grade is a family of low alloy steels. The proprietary weathering steel grades are COR-TEN A and COR-TEN B. The ASTM standards are classified based on A588, A242, A606-4, A847, A871-65, and A709-50W grades.


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Why to use weathering steel sheet ?

A weathering sheet helps overcome rust and forms a protective coating on the steels. The weathering steel sheet has superior strength and requires lower maintenance. These sheets don’t require any painting to protect them against rust. They are ideal for use in building bridges, construction, parks, vineyards, outdoor structures, etc.


weathering steel plate


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What are advantages and disadvanatges of atmospheric corrosion resistant steel plate ?

Atmospheric corrosion resistant steel plates are recognized by their lower carbon steel. Atmospheric Corrosion Resistant Steel plate has superior resistance to corrosion, strength, and a good appearance. These plates have enhanced safety and showcase good maintenance. Furthermore, they don’t require any painting and avoid emissions from paint coating. The weathered galvanized steel plate may however have color variations and some environmental limiting factors. These plates also have poor compatibility with other metal grades.


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How long does weathering steel last ?

Weathering steel may last based on different conditions. The steel may last for many decades in normal conditions, but it can last up to 10 years in harsh conditions.


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What are weathered corrugated metal plate edges ?

Corrugated metal has a repeated bending and wavy rippled pattern on its surface. The weathered corrugated metal plate may have different edges to suit different applications. The plates generally have a smooth sharp and dull edges. The edges of the corrugated weathering steel plate may be designed following different techniques.