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Welding electrode specification

Welding electrode specification

What are Welding Electrodes?

it is an electrically conducting wire that connects non-metallic parts of a circuit to create an electric arc. A Welding Electrode is basically a point where the current enters or leaves a non-metallic part of a circuit. This process creates a lot of heat in the Welding Rods that heats and melts the fuse to initiate the welding process. These rods offer ease of clean-up weld integrity and minimize any spatter. A Filler Metal is utilized to fill any gaps between the base metal during the welding process. The metal is not part of the electrical circuit.

Welding Electrodes


What is Amperage Chart of Welding Rod ?

Amperage Chart of Welding Rod


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What are testing apply on Welding Electrodes ?

testing apply on Welding Electrodes


Non-Consumables(refractory) Electrode vs Consumable (Metallic) Electrode

A consumable electrode melts itself during weldings and subsequently deposits on the weld bead. A TIG Wire is a non consumable electrode that doesn’t melt down or deposit on the weld bead. The non consumable electrode is intact throughout the welding process.


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A electrode and wire are devices that are used during a welding process. In the wire weldings or the MIG Wire-MAG process, a continuous wire is heated to create an electric arc. The arc passes between the wire to the metal creating a weld. A Welding Wire can be used to weld different types of parts in any position.

There are little to no toxic gases produced during the production process. A Filler Wire can be utilized to strongly weld and fill gaps between workpieces that are welded in the system. The Flux Cored Wire has a superior finish, but leaves very few slashes. These wires help eliminate downtime that is required while replacing a consumed electrode.

it is a manual arc welding process that creates a contact between the electrodes to a workpiece. The FCAW Welding Electrode is economical and has lower voltage. These electrodes don’t require any protective gas during the weldings process. They emit some smoke in comparison to the wire weldings process.

Welding Electrodes vs Welding Wire


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How Many Types Of Welding Electrodes Are There?

it can be mainly divided into non-consumable and Consumable Electrodes that melt the metal to create a strong weld. The consumable electrodes are categorized into bare and coated electrodes. The coated electrodes are sub-divided into light coated, medium coated, and heavily coated electrodes. Non consumable electrodes are also sub-divided into carbon, tungsten, or graphite electrodes.


How Welding Rod Classification is done ?

Stick welding electrodes are now categorised according to American Welding Society (AWS) regulations and standards.

Welding Rod Classification


Which type of Coating Material is used for Welding Rod ?

Welding Rod Coating Material


Welding Rods available in TIG, MIG, SMAW, GMAW, GTAW & FCAW types


Welding Rod Types

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