Weldo flange

weldo flange

What is a weldo flange?

Flanged connections in piping have advantages and disadvantages. If correctly decided, flanges of various types can bring a lot of advantages to the piping system. Flanges are components that connect pipes and other components together and they are fitted to each other with bolts and nuts. Sometimes, flanges are made to combine different functions or components. The Weldo Flange is a combination of a weldolet or nippolet and a weld neck flange. They can be manufactured as two parts or in one piece. If they are manufactured in two parts, they are welded to the ends of two different pipes and fitted together with bolting. If they are made in one piece, they are connected between two pipes.

Weldo Flange dimensions, weight chart, standard, material, and specification

Weldo Flange Specification

Weldo Flange Material

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How can weldo flanges be classified based on pipe attachment?

Asme B16.5 Weldo Flange has a standard specification that mandates the dimensions. The connection types with the pipes are different. The flanges can be classified based on their connection types as slip-on flanges, socket weld flanges, threaded flanges, lap joint flanges, or welding neck flanges. The Carbon Steel Weldo Flange is one of the most used because of the low cost, high production, corrosion resistance, and abrasion resistance in general corrosive applications.

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What are the types of serrated finish provided on Ansi B16.5 Weldoflange face?

Ansi B16.5 Ss Weldoflange can have different face finishes such as the cold water finish, smooth finish, and stock finish. The serrated finish is meant to keep the gasket in place. There are two types of serrated finishes. The Ansi B16.5 Weldoflange can have a concentric serrated finish and spiral serrated finish. They have differences in the groove design and angles.

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of Stainless Steel Reducing Weldo Flanges?

Stainless Steel Weldoflange reduces the space needed for the connection by having two components together; if the two different components are to be used, the piping would require more space. The flange allows for a connection without the need to weld; it can be fitted with bolts and nuts. It offers the ability to be assembled and disassembled as needed. The challenges with the Alloy Steel Weldo Flange are that they can leak in the gasket area. The flanges also have larger outer diameters than the pipe due to the faces. This requires extra space for the pipeline to run. When the flanges have alternating inlet and outlet sizes, they can also cause turbulence in the system.

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Where are Ss Weldoflanges used?

Ss Weldoflange is used in oil and gas industries, offshore and onshore applications, chemical, petrochemical, and pharmaceutical industries, water lines, power generation plants, and in other applications where the function is needed. In the applications, the flanges are used on occasions where the concentration of stress has to be reduced.

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What is the Carbon Steel Weldo Flange testing procedure

Class 150 Lbs Weldo Flange can be tested for capacity and conformation to the specifications. Direct reading spectrograph, X-ray detection, Hydrostatic testing, Magnetic particle detection and transonic flaw detection are some of the tests that can be performed on an Ansi 150 Weldo Flange.