WPHY 70 Fittings

WPHY 70 Fittings

What are WPHY 70 fittings?

Produced from carbon steel, the fittings are known to exhibit high mechanical properties. Like all carbon steel products, the WPHY 70 Fittings are considered to be economical.

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When to use ASTM A860 Garde WPHY 70 fittings?

Carbon steel fittings are generally preferred in applications that involve high temperatures. The higher content of carbon in their chemical composition makes them resilient to heat and improves their toughness. They are also cost-effective. Hence, ASTM A860 Garde WPHY 70 Fittings are useful in applications that require properties like good mechanical strength, high hardness, and good resistance to heat at an affordable rate.

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How is MSS SP-75 Gr 70 elbow measured?

The length of an elbow is calculated using the following equation –

  • length in mm = Tan(Angle/2) x Radius in mm
  • Whereas the thickness is measured by subtracting the inner and outer diameter of the elbow.

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What are the advantages of a WPHY Grade 70 reducer?

The fitting has high strength and is likely to remain resistant to very high temperatures. The reducer is tough and has high tensile strength, which means it is useful in high-pressure applications like the oil and gas industry.

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Surface treatments of high-yield 70000 PSI tee

Some of the usual surface treatments for the High-Yield 70000 PSI Tee include -sandblasting and Sand Rolling. Surface treatments like this help eliminate dirt, chemicals and bumps. This makes it easier for the fitting to be painted.

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