Xylan Coated Bolts

Xylan Coated Bolts

What are xylan coated bolts?

Xylan coated bolt is a line of fluoropolymer coating. The Xylan Coated Bolts create a protective layer on the bolt that provides enhanced resistance to corrosion. These bolts create a strong connection between different equipment. Xylan Coated Nuts are affixed with nuts that have a good clamping force and reduce axial movement. The versatile Xylan Coated Hex Nut exhibits a good surface finish and bolsters superior corrosion resistance properties. These nuts have enhanced lubricity with long lasting resistance to friction. A Xylan Flat Head Screw has superb wear resistance in extreme and aggressive conditions. These screws have good durability without affecting their dimensional tolerance. The Xylan Washer allows for even pressure and weight distribution. These washers bend easily without breaking the coating grade.

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Xylan Coated Bolts Specifications

Xylan Coated Bolts Properties

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Are xylan coated fasteners used as a dry lubricant?

Xylan coated fasteners can be used as a dry lubricant coating. A Xylan-coated Fastener improves the sliding and dry lubrication properties of this grade.

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Are xylan coated hex bolts suitable for chemical storage vessels use?

Xylan coating on hex bolts help create a protective layer on the grade. The Xylan Coated Hex Bolts have good corrosion resistance and reduce friction. These bolts are non-stick and help resist wear in the system.

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How much salt spray test time is required for xylan bolts?

The salt spray test is a popular method for checking corrosion in the system. Xylan Heavy Hex Bolt can take place between 24 to 1000 hours.

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What is the working temperature range for xylan coated socket head cap screws?

A xylan coated socket head cap screw is a cylindrical head specification grade. The Xylan-coated Socket-head Cap Screws have a wide operating temperature from -195 to 285 degrees C.

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Which astm or iso standards are applicable for xylan coated screws?

The ASTM standard for xylan coated screws is the ASTM D4969-17 specification. This Xylan Coated Screws ISO standard is ISO 898-2/GB3098-2.