Y type control valve

Y type control valve

What is y type control valve?

A valve used to control the flow of fluid using a controller is known as a control valve. It reduces the passage available for the flow of fluid. One of the different types of control valves available today in the market is the Y type control valve.

It is a valve that looks like an inverted Y and is used to control the flow of fluid in different components such as water, air, gas, and so on. It is available in various sizes depending on its application. It can be as small as ½ inches up to 4 inches or more. They are available in various types namely globe valve, pneumatic control, piston check and so on.

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Y Type Control Valve Specification

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Where is the application of the y pattern globe valve?

The Resistance of these globe valves is reduced to a minimum due to the Y shape. Hence these valves can be used in applications such as

  • controlling the thermal fluids
  • filters, separators, and drying systems
  • compressor stations
  • systems of high integrity pressure protection
  • systems use to control high pressure nitrogen, oxygen, or hydrogen
  • the process of coal conversion and gasification
  • services that involve high cycle or switching
  • emergency shutdown mechanism
  • systems that operate in high temperatures.

Y pattern globe control valves manufactured by us are passed through various treatments such as overlay welding, kolsterilizing, plain heating, or anodizing. This helps us to increase the lifespan of these valves thus making them durable.

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How does a y type pneumatic control valve work?

When air or gas is compressed there is a pressure difference that is generated. This pressure difference is used by the pneumatic valve to operate. They are used to control, direct and distribute the flow of the media thus acting as a mediator between the source and the actuator.

Y type of pneumatic control valve can be controlled with the help of 3 types of signals.

  • 1Mechanical – They are driven by mechanical forces such as a liver
  • Pneumatic – The compressed air that controls the pneumatic system is the same force that controls these valves
  • Electromagnetic – They are controlled by the magnetic field available on solenoids and coils. When the current from an external source is passed to the coils and solenoids it interacts with the magnetic field available thus moving the valve stem.

Y pattern globe valve is made in an upside y shape. The valves are used in controlling fluid flow in different media like water, oil, air water, gas, and steam

What are the functions of y type flow control valve?

They have a variety of functions within the hydraulics system one of the most common uses being regulating the speed of a cylinder or motor. This is achieved due to the ability of the valve to control the rate at which energy is transferred by controlling the flow rate. Furthermore, Y pattern control valve can also be used for maintenance work by rapidly depressurizing the hose to change the fittings. Due to their design, they are not prone to clogging and hence are used in our day-to-day lives as well in showers, faucets, and water systems in parks or lawns.

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What is the application of y type piston check valves?

These valves prevent the backward flow of fluids thus ensuring that it flows only in one direction. The seat moves along with the flow and hence has 2-3 outlets. This helps in providing quick isolation in channels and is suitable for small tasks. Sometimes, the Y type piston control valve has a spring attached to it that helps it to remain in the closed position when not required.

Another type of Y type flow control valve available in the market is the swing check valve. They use a swinging disk to block the movement of the fluid. This disk is hinged to the system. As these Y type swing control valve are designed to prevent the reverse flow of fluids failure can lead to overflow, contamination, or loss of pressure. If the failure is severe then it might lead to total system failure.

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What causes y type swing check valve failure?

  • Low flow in the application – this happens when the flow of fluid is low thus leading to wear and tear of the hinge pin and pivot arm.
  • Water hammering – this happens when the valve has to stop suddenly to avoid the reversal of fluid. When this happens frequently it damages the valve.
  • Poor installation – when the valve is not properly installed it will ware out faster thus damaging the other parts of the system and causing it to be ineffective.

Astm a351 cf8m y ball control valve is also a variety of check valve that uses gravity to operate. When the pressure is enough the ball is lifted and when the pressure reduces the ball is put back into its place.