Zero Dead Leg Valves

Zero Dead Leg Valves

What Is Zero Dead Leg Valves?

This type of valve is autoclavable and has been designed to meet the stringent requirements of the bioprocessing industry. The design of a zero dead leg block valve permits its use for applications involving dense liquids, and highly acidic and hazardous chemicals. Sectors that use this valve are Food, Dairy, Beverages, Pharma & Chemical processing.

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Working Principle Of Dead Leg Valve

The diaphragm in the gemu zero dead leg valve will act as a switch, in addition to a sealing element for the media. The diaphragm is easily replaceable and along with its handle mechanism is protected by a bonnet. To adjust the flow, the handle can be positioned to the right degree, according to the indicator, that is positioned above itself. A special feature of the zero dead leg valves is their inlet ports, which permit continuous flow of the media in a loop. This design has ensured the virtual elimination of dead legs at the inlet port. So when the valve is opened, it is possible to receive clear uncontaminated media that remains free from bacterial growth. The outlet of the dead leg valve also acts as a drain port while the device is undergoing sterilization.

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Features And Benefits Of Zero Dead Leg Diaphragm Valve

This device is suited to high-pressure applications. A Zero Dead Leg Sanitary Valve is durable, inexpensive and resistant to corrosion (depending on the alloy used). The surface finish is good, so the chances of contamination remain low. It is easily cleaned or sanitized and is used in applications where draining, sampling, transferring or directing fluid from a line is a critical requirement. The device has a compact design that is with zero dead legs.

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How To Calculate The Size Of Zero Dead Leg Sample Valve?

A zero dead leg sample valve is used in applications that have a Bi-directional flow path.

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Where Is A Zero Dead Leg Sanitary Valve Located?

The equation that can be used to calculate the size of a zero dead leg diaphragm valve is as follows –

  • Q = Kv √ dp/SG
  • where:
  • Q is Flow rate [m3/hour]
  • Kv is the Hydraulic factor
  • dp is Pressure differential [bar]
  • SG is Specific Gravity (Water 1)
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Check the Price Difference Between Zero Dead Leg Ball and Block Valve

A grade 316 Stainless Steel Zero Dead Leg Valve (size 1” to 6”) is priced at UAE 93.16, whereas a Block Valve is priced at UAE 221.80.