Zinc plated rivets

Zinc Plated Rivets

These rivets are in huge demand in the global industrial market due to its super strong zinc coating which acts as a protective layer and makes the Zinc plated rivets highly resistant to corrosion and oxidation. They get tightly adhere to the steel, very smooth and exhibit aesthetic appearance. Zinc rivets prevent galvanic corrosion even when the galvanized steel is in direct contact with the zinc coatings. They exhibit strong mechanical properties and provide secure closing. The rivets offer superior performance due to its high tensile strength and shear resistance.

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Zinc Plated Rivets specifications

Zinc Plated Rivets Specifications

Temperatures Applications Metric Sizes
-30 °C and +80 °C. 95
  • Automotive
  • Construction
  • Building
  • Leather Production
3MM to 12MM
All that is provided by listed zinc rivets manufacturers at pipingmaterial.ae Types Of Zinc Plated Rivets Black Zinc Blind Rivet Standard
  • Raw materials certificate
  • EN 10204 3.1
  • Third party inspection report
  • Mill test certificate
  • Free quote
  • NABL Approved lab reports
  • Black zinc blind rivet
  • Zinc solid rivet
  • Zinc plated steel rivets
  • Zinc-plated steel heavy-duty rivet nut
  • Zinc pop rivets
  • Zinc coated threaded rivets
  • Zinc countersunk rivets
  • Zinc hollow rivets
  • Zinc plated flat rivet
  • Zinc button head rivet
  • ISO
  • BS
  • DIN
  • ASME
  • ANSI
  • JIS
Finish (Body / Mandrel) Grip Range Shear Strength Of Zinc solid rivet
  • Zinc
  • Clear Passivated
6mm – 8mm 1550N
Tensile Strength Advantage Of Zinc Plated Rivets Origin
  • High-quality rivet connection
  • Clean, secure closing
  • High tensile strength
  • High shearing resistance
  • South America
  • Japan
  • East Europe
  • Korea

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You can directly contact verified suppliers in UAE listed on pipingmaterial.ae the best B2B platform for best quality rivets. The prime difference between black zinc blind rivet and solid rivet is that the blind rivets can be easily installed form one side of the material whereas the solid rivets require access to both sides of the materials. Zinc plated blind rivets deliver superior performance compared to solid rivets in some cases.

Zinc plated steel rivets are manufactured through hot forming method. You can directly contact top 10 multiple verified stockists who are offering you top-notch quality rivets and get more details on the product quality and its specifications. zinc-plated rivnut are highly flexible and compatible hence are extensively used in the construction, automotive, leather production and building applications.

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The price of zinc-plated steel heavy-duty rivet nut depend on its origin, size and raw material availability. Get in touch with verified manufacturers in Dubai who are providing you high quality industrial standard rivets. You can compare the price list of zinc pop rivets stock with most trusted distributors and suppliers offering you reasonable pricing rates and purchase the products with special offers available for you.

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Directly contact reputable manufacturers in UAE offering you best quality zinc coated threaded rivets with negotiable and reasonable pricing rates and save your 20%-30% extra cost. The rivets maintain their high strength even in harsh environments. Zinc coated countersunk rivets display superior functionality due to its strong mechanical properties and are very easy to install.

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Get in touch with prominent manufacturers in Middle East and purchase zinc plated flat rivet in in discounted offers. Zinc-coated steel solid rivets have an excellent ability to make joint irrespective of the location. The rivets are eco friendly and there are no gases and fumes produced during welding and production. Zinc plated button head rivet can be used in joining dissimilar materials.