Zinc plated rivets

Zinc Plated Rivets

What are zinc plated rivets?

A zinc plated rivet is a mechanical fastener having a head on one end with a cylindrical stem on the other. The Zinc Plated Rivets follow a process of covering them with zinc that gives them protection against corrosive media. The versatile Zinc Rivets are drilled and placed into a punched hole and are deformed to hold the fastener. These rivets have superior strength and performance. The Zinc Plated Rivet Nuts are coated by brushing, dipping, or spraying molten zinc on the fasteners. These fasteners have the good clamping force and reduce axial stress. Zinc-plated Steel Heavy-duty Rivet Nut can be availed in different sizes to suit project requirements.

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Zinc Plated Rivets specifications

Zinc Plated Rivets Specifications

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What is the difference between a zinc blind rivet and a solid rivet?

Zinc rivets are categorized as solid and blind specifications. Solid Zinc Plated Steel Rivets require access to both sides of the equipment to install. Blind rivets can require access to one side of the parts.

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What are two 2 major types of zinc rivets that are used in aircraft?

A zinc rivet is preferred to withstand extreme stress without crumbling under pressure. The most common Black Zinc Rivets are used in aircraft are a solid shank and blind rivet.

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Which zinc rivet is used for heavy work?

Zinc rivets are galvanized fasteners used to affix different applications. The structural steel Zinc Plated Steel Rivets are designed for use in high stress commercial construction applications. The versatile grade of Black Zinc Plated Rivets can be used in building bridges, storage sheds, high-rise buildings, etc.

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Are zinc pop rivets waterproof?

Zinc pop rivets are designed having different finish and sealing. The Zinc Pop Rivets have a closed end or blind rivets that helps create a watertight sealing if they are installed correctly. Zinc Plated Pop Rivets are a popular item in the marine sector and automotive industries.

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What are the characteristics of zinc plated blind rivets?

A zinc plated blind rivet is coated with zinc which gives it enhanced corrosion resistance properties. These Zinc Plated Blind Rivets are lightweight and easily portable. These blind rivets create a closed watertight sealing and are very reliable.