Zirconium bolts

Zirconium Bolts

What are Zirconium Bolts?

A zirconium bolt is a fastener that is coated with zirconium powder coating the metal. The Zirconium Bolts are designed to sustain corrosive affluents in higher temperature environments. The addition of zirconium reduces the austenitic structure with an increased dispersion strengthening process. Zirconium 705 Hex Head Bolts are silvery greyish and are used in harsh environments. These bolts can be easily installed and later dismantled efficiently. The UNS R60702 Heavy Hex Bolt has a density of 6.49 g/cm3 with a melting point of 1852 degrees C. These bolts have good mechanical properties and tolerances. The Zirconium Washers allow for even weight distribution in the system. The bolts are available in a range of sizes to suit project requirements.

Zirconium Bolts Specifications

Zirconium Bolts Chemical Composition

Zirconium Bolts Mechanical Properties

Zirconium Bolts Dimensions

Zirconium Bolts Weight Chart

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How much weight can a Zirconium Fastener hold?

A Zirconium fastener is a lightweight device that doesn’t add much weight to the device. The weight of Zirconium Fasteners is based on the weight, dimensions, and other specifications of the grade.

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What are the disadvantages of ASTM B493 ZR 702 Threaded Rod?

The ASTM B493 ZR 702 threaded bolt is a lustrous grade that is very reliable. However, it also has a few drawbacks. ASTM B493 ZR 702 Threaded Rod may dismantle under intense vibration and stress. These rods showcase poor fabricability and have a tendency to corrode in harsh environments.

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How are ZR 700 Studs measured?

The ZR 700 studs are measured by calculating the diameter and length of the grade. The ZR 700 Studs can be measured from one side of the thread to the other thread to find its outside diameter. The length of these studs is measured parallel to the axis and on each side.

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How much force can a ZR0931 Zirconium Stud Bolts hold?

The force of a stud bolt of a zirconium hols is graded according to newtons per millimeter based on its yield and tensile strength. For example, ZR0931 Zirconium Stud Bolts with a rating of 5.5 will provide roughly 550 newtons tensile strength with 400 newton yield strength. This process helps determine the force a Zirconium 704 Shoulder Bolts can hold efficiently.

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IS ZR 706 Hex Bolt high tensile?

The ZR 706 hex bolt has higher tensile strength that helps determine its mechanical performance. A ZR 706 Hex Bolt has an ultimate tensile strength of 510mpa in the system.

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