zirconium screws

Zirconium Screws

What are zirconium screws?

A zirconium screw is a short pointed pin having a helical thread with a slotted head. The Zirconium Screws are known to have outstanding resistance against corrosive media. The coating of zirconium in the Zirconium Button Head Screws reduces its austenitic structure having an enhanced dispersion strengthening process. These screws can be used to connect different equipment efficiently. The UNS R60702 Self Tapping Screws are silvery grey in color and connect wood, steel, plastic, concrete, and other material types. These ZR 706 Self Tapping Screws work in different environmental conditions and be availed in different sizes.

Zirconium Screws Specifications

Zirconium Screws Chemical Composition

Zirconium Machine Screws Mechanical Properties

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How strong are ZR700 flat head screws?

The ZR700 flat head screws are recognized as having good strength in different conditions. The ZR 700 Flat Head Screws showcase a minimum tensile strength of 330mpa with a minimum yield strength of 230mpa. These screws have a shear modulus of 35.3 GPa in the system.

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What are the disadvantages of ASTM B493 ZR 702 set screws?

The ASTM B493 ZR 702 set screws are prone to failure under stress and may be subject to high vibrations. These ASTM B493 ZR 702 Set Screws have poor fabrication and lower resistance to corrosion in unsuitable temperatures.

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Are ZR0931 zirconium machine screws hardened?

The ZR0931 zirconium machine screws can be hardened following heat treatment procedures. These ZR0931 Zirconium Machine Screws can be stress relieved, fully annealed, oxide thickened to increase its hardness.

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Where is the zirconium 704 hex head cap screw used?

The Zirconium 704 hex cap screw is a six-sided grade designed with a hexagonal cross section. Zirconium 704 Hex Head Cap Screw is used in nuclear plants, dye manufacturing units, polymers, and nitric acids for use in fertilizers. The Zirconium Socket Head Cap Screws are also a feature in aircraft manifolds, pharmaceutical equipment, gas processing, etc.

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Manufacturing process of zirconium 705 pan head screws

Zirconium 705 pan head screws are alloyed with zirconium and hafnium content. The Zirconium 705 Pan Head Screws are generally produced in either forging or cast material.