ISO 4017 bolts

ISO 4017 Bolts

What are ISO 4017 bolts?

The ISO 4017 bolts is a hexagon shaped grade manufactured using carbon, medium, or low carbon alloys. These Bolts are processed via quenching and tempering process. These bolts allow for permanent and temporary connections to different equipment. The Bolt ISO 4017 has excellent resistance and tolerances to harsh media. These bolts have high tensile strength and good wear resistance. These ISO 4017 Machine Bolts are designed in either coarse or fine threads. These bolts can be coated with different finishes and a protective coating. The ISO 4017 Carriage Bolts are designed in standard sizes of M2 to M100 with lengths between 6mm to 500mm or custom sizes. The ISO 4017 U Bolts are also available in different weights and specifications.

ISO 4017 Bolts Specifications

ISO 4017 Bolt Mechanical Properties

ISO 4017 Bolt Dimensions

ISO 4017 Bolt Weight

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What is the grade of bolt ISO 4017?

ISO 4017 is a grade belonging to the International Organization for Standardization. A DIN 933 ISO 4017 Bolt is used in manufacturing grade 10.9 and 8.8 bolts that include Grade A2, A4 class 70.

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How do you calculate torque for a hex bolt ISO 4017?

The torque of an ISO 4017 hex bolt is the twisting force needed to affix a material securely. The Hex Bolt ISO 4017 is calculated using the formula T=K x D x P.
Here, T= target tighten torque of the bolt
K= coefficient of friction
D= bolts diameter
P= desired tensile strength of ISO 4017 Heavy Hex Head Bolt

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What lengths do ISO 4017 socket head cap screws come in?

The ISO 4017 socket head cap screws are specified having threads from M1 to M64. These Socket Head Cap Screws are designed with nominal lengths from 10mm to 150mm.

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How do you determine the shear strength of a BS EN ISO 4017 socket head bolts?

The shear strength of BS EN ISO 4017 socket head bolts is not specified by most manufacturers. Socket Head Bolts are 60% of the tensile strength of the grade.

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Where are hex head bolt ISO 4017 used?

The hexagonal head bolts ISO 4017 is a common device in different industrial, commercial and domestic industries. A Hex Head Bolt ISO 4017 is a common feature in nuclear power, wind power, automotive, and railway industries. These ISO 4017 J Bolts are also seen in construction, electronic, piping equipment, sewage plants, water treatment systems, etc.