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What is Round Bar?

A Round Bar is a long, cylindrical metal designed with a smooth surface. These bars possess superior strength, making them a viable option in industrial and commercial applications. Round bar suppliers supply bars having an excellent surface finish and are available in different dimensions. The bars have outstanding elasticity, elongation, and retraction. These bars also showcase good malleability and ductility. They require lower maintenance and have a long service life.

Round bar specification

Round bar specification


steel round bar


Buy Hot & Cold rolled round bar in specific diameter, size & shape in Dubai


Cold Rolled Steel Bar Sizes

Cold Rolled Steel Bar Sizes


Manufacturer of Steel Bar as per AMS/ ASME/ ASTM standard

Steel Rod vs Bar

A Steel Rod is generally designed in a round shape and can also be shaped in a square cross section. These rods have a precise diameter and are often tempered before being machined. They are commonly seen in Steel shaft, drill bits, taps, dowel pins, etc.

The Steel bar is a long product that is usually designed in round, square, rectangular, or hexagonal cross section. These bars have good strength and showcase a good surface finish. They are seen in industrial and commercial applications.


Steel Bar Meet the Following Standards

steel round bar standard


Most Common Metals Melting Points

Most Common Metals Melting Points


Annealed vs Cold Finish Round Bar

A cold finish round bar is produced at room temperature soon after the hot rolling process. The cold rolled round bar has an excellent surface finish and possesses superior strength and hardness. These bars have a long processing time than Hot rolled round bar but have an outstanding aesthetical outlook. They have a very fast forming speed and have a high output. During the cold rolling process the steel is annealed to improve its ductility. In the annealing process, metal is heated at a specific temperature and allowed to cool removing impurities from the bar.


Cold & Hot rolled round bar in custom sizes and cut lengths

Hot rolled Round Bar Standard Sizes

Hot rolled Round Bar Standard Sizes


What is Quenched and Tempered Steel Bar?

A Quenched and tempered steel bar is produced as metal is strengthened and hardened. This steel can be heated and simultaneously cooled. The steel is less brittle and ductile while still having good hardness. The bars also become more weldable and workable, making them highly versatile.


Buy Steel Round Bars with EN 10204 3.1 Mill Test Reports in the Middle East


What is a Mill Test Report?

 Mill Test Report

Typically, the mill test report contains:

  • Country of melt and manufacture
  • Chemical and physical properties specifications
  • Specific size, shape, and/or diameter specifications
  • ASTM and/or ASME standards compliance


What is extruded steel bar?

An extruded steel bar is processed as a hot cylindrical billet is passed through a closed cavity to create the desired shape. The extruded steel bar has good strength and good performance over a long period of time.