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Stainless steel nut bolt manufacturer in Mumbai

Stainless steel nut bolt

Stainless steel hex bolts and nuts

Stainless steel hex bolts and nuts

316 stainless steel bolts and nuts

316 stainless steel bolts and nuts

Remember these 8 things when buying stainless steel nut bolt

  • Stainless steel nuts and bolts are available in different grades such as 304, 316, and 410. The material grade determines the strength and durability so choosing the right grade is necessary.
  • The size of the nut and bolt is crucial- it must fit the size of the hole and the corresponding bolt.
  • The thread pitch is the distance between the threads on the nut and bolt- it is important to select the correct thread pitch to ensure the nut and bolt can be securely fastened together.
  • Stainless steel nut bolt is available in different head types such as hex, square, and round. Select the head type that best suits your application.
  • They can be coated with different materials to improve their performance.
  • The tensile strength of the nut and bolt determines how much force it can withstand before breaking.
  • Consider the temperature range in which they will be used- a nut and bolt outside its temperature range can result in failure.
  • SS nuts and bolts can vary in price depending on the material grade, size, coating, and other factors. Choose a product that fits your budget without sacrificing quality.

Looking for ss nut bolt manufacturer in Mumbai? Citizen Metals Pvt Ltd maintain a large stock of 6mm, 8mm in various finish

Major 6 differences between passivated, coated finishes and polished ss nut bolt

  • Passivated ss nut bolts have improved corrosion resistance compared to non-passivated ones. Coated finishes provide an additional layer of protection against corrosion. Polished stainless steel nuts bolts and washers have their surface less prone to corrosion due to its less surface roughness and less likely to trap contaminants that cause corrosion.
  • Passivated products have a uniform, matte finish. Coated finishes can have various appearances depending on the coating material and application method. Polished products have a smooth, reflective surface.
  • Coated finishes can provide improved wear resistance compared to passivated and polished stainless steel nut bolts.
  • Passivated and coated nut bolts require minimal maintenance due to their protective layers . Polished ones may require more frequent cleaning and polishing to maintain their appearance.
  • Passivation is a chemical process that removes iron from the surface of the ss and leaves a protective layer of chromium oxide. Coated finishes involve the application of a layer of material such as zinc or epoxy onto the surface. Polishing involves the mechanical removal of surface imperfections and smoothing of the surface.
  • The cost of passivated, coated, and polished ss nut bolts can vary depending on the material grade, size, and quantity.

Exporter of M5, M6, M10 & M16 stainless steel hex bolts and nuts in India

4 common differences between metric & imperial stainless steel hex bolts and nuts

  • The most obvious difference between metric and imperial stainless steel nuts and bolts is the measurement system used. Metric measurements uses millimeters as the primary unit of measurement, while imperial measurements uses inches.
  • Metric hex bolts have a finer thread pitch compared to imperial ones- there are more threads per unit length on a metric bolt compared to an imperial bolt of the same diameter.
  • Metric and imperial hex bolts and nuts are not interchangeable due to their differences in size and thread pitch.
  • The head size of metric and imperial hex bolts and nuts is different- metric have smaller head sizes than imperial ones.

Citizen Metals is a top ss nut bolt manufacturer in Mumbai- you can get both metric and imperial ss hex bolts and nuts here.

Manufacturer of 316 stainless steel bolts and nuts for marine applications

Here are 6 reasons that why 316 stainless steel bolts and nuts should use in marine applications

  • 316 stainless steel has superior corrosion resistance properties- especially in marine environments where it is exposed to saltwater and humidity. This is due to the high levels of chromium, molybdenum, and nickel in their chemical composition.
  • 316 ss has high tensile strength and yield strength so it is a reliable choice for marine applications.
  • 316 stainless steel bolts and nuts are durable and can withstand exposure to harsh marine environments for extended periods without rusting, corroding, or degrading.
  • It is non-magnetic, which is an important consideration for some marine applications where magnetic interference can cause problems.
  • It has a polished finish that can add an aesthetic appeal to marine applications such as boat building, yacht manufacturing, and other marine equipment.
  • 316 ss is often specified for marine applications due to its compliance with various industry standards and regulations set by the American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC) and the International Maritime Organization (IMO).
High strength imperial stainless steel nuts and bolts supplier in India

Which grades have the highest yield and tensile strength?

The highest yield and tensile strength grades of stainless steel are typically from austenitic family- they can vary depending on factors such as the specific alloy composition, heat treatment, and manufacturing process.

  • Grade 2205- a duplex ss grade that has excellent corrosion resistance and often used in chemical processing, oil and gas, and marine equipment.
  • Grade 17-4 PH- This is a precipitation hardening ss grade that is often used in aerospace, nuclear, and chemical processing.
  • Grade 316- This austenitic ss grade is often used in marine, chemical processing, and food processing applications.
  • Grade 304: This is another austenitic ss grade that is used in food processing, architectural, and pharmaceutical equipment.

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