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Metal Tubular Products

Year of establishment 2011
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Third Party Inspection Yes
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Carbon steel seamless pipe suppliers in Mumbai

Carbon steel seamless pipe

Carbon steel pipe

Carbon steel pipe

Sch 40 carbon steel pipe

Sch 40 carbon steel pipe

Industries like petrochemicals and offshore construction require piping that is sturdy, corrosion-resistant, and reliable. Carbon steel seamless pipes use carbon and iron combined with small amounts of silicon, manganese, and copper. You can acquire these pipes in different grades based on the percentage of carbon: high, medium, and low.

These pipes are manufactured without a weld seam and have no joints on the surface. The standard manufacturing technique for these components is extrusion. Generally, seamless pipes can withstand pressure more effectively and are economical options.

This piping gets frequently used in refineries, gas lines, water systems, and boilers. They are also integral components in nuclear devices and petrochemical industries. Seamless carbon steel pipes can also get manufactured for high-temperature services like heat exchangers, condensers, etc.

Mumbai is a core industrial hub in India with diverse companies in sectors like pharmaceuticals, chemical processing, fertilizers, etc. Metal Tubular Products was established in 2011. The last decade has seen the company evolve into a leading supplier of carbon steel seamless pipes. It caters to clients in sectors like offshore refineries, construction, and boilers.

These pipes are suitable for high temperatures and pressures and tolerate corrosive agents. While selecting the right supplier for your needs, it is advisable to inspect the product portfolio, capabilities for customization, and testing methods. Metal Tubular employs non-destructive tests for its piping to ascertain the quality and mechanical properties. It also ensures competitive pricing and timely delivery.

CS pipe and carbon steel tube exporter in India

Industries like infrastructure, distillers, fertilizers, etc., use carbon steel tubes. The material is in high demand due to its strength, hardness, and capacity to manage stress. While tubing and piping often get used interchangeably, the former is deemed better for heavy-duty applications. They are available in various shapes, such as round, squared, etc., and get measured by the outside diameter and wall thickness.
Metal Tubular Products is a reputed exporter based in India. It delivers carbon steel pipes and tubes to industries globally. It has a team of experts at its core and prioritizes industry-leading practices for testing.

Looking for a reliable carbon steel pipe suppliers in India? Stockist of high, medium and low carbon steel pipe in Mumbai

Customers can acquire piping in different grades per their requirements and budget. Metal Tubular facilitates this by stocking high, medium, and low carbon steel pipes. The primary difference is in the carbon content. High carbon steel has more than 0.60% carbon content. However, the medium grade has carbon between 0.30 to 0.60%. The lowest amount is in low carbon steel – less than 0.30%.

An increase in the carbon percentage also raises the strength and hardness of the material. But the ductility goes down as well. Besides iron and carbon, all the grades of carbon steel may have trace amounts of other elements like chromium and nickel.

Black carbon steel pipe and cs seamless pipe in many shapes, sizes and grades

Black carbon steel pipes refer to galvanized steel piping. The term likely originated from plumbers attempting to differentiate it from regular products. The coating is done through a molten zinc bath, lending excellent corrosion resistance, making the material suitable for outdoor applications. These components find utility in gas lines, power plants, boilers, etc. You can also find them in engineering, sewage, automotive, and scaffolding.

Metal Tubular Products offers CS seamless pipes in several grades and dimensions. The company can also supply piping per customer specifications. These pipes are sturdy and stress-resistant, making them suitable for heavy-duty applications. They also have low absolute roughness.

Galvanized, ptfe lined and sch 40 carbon steel pipe with MTC EN 10204-3.1

At Metal Tubular, clients can order galvanized piping for enhanced corrosion resistance. These components have a zinc coating to protect them from damage. You can also acquire PTFE lined pipes that use a polytetrafluoroethylene coat to resist corrosive agents even at higher temperatures over 230 degrees Celsius.

The product portfolio has a collection of SCH 40 carbon steel pipes, frequently used in industrial applications like pharmaceuticals and refineries. It can resist 40 kg of pressure and has a standard thickness of 4 mm.

Metal Tubular Products provides a Mill Test Certificate with the ordered products. Clients can check the MTC EN 10204-3.1 (an inspection certificate) to ensure the components conform with the desired specifications.

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