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Stainless steel machined parts manufacturer in India

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Rolex Fittings India

Year of establishment 1995
Total export experience (in Years) 25
Nature of Business Manufacturer
Third Party Inspection Yes
Custom Sizes Yes
Custom Packaging Yes
MTC Report Yes
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Stainless steel machined parts manufacturer in India

Stainless steel machined parts

CNC machined parts

CNC machined parts

Stainless steel turned parts

Stainless steel turned parts

The machining process facilitates the creation of complex parts using tools for cutting and automation, usually via CNC or computer numerical control. Stainless steel machined parts often cold hardening and heat curing to improve the strength of the material. It translates into a high strength-to-weight ratio, which helps produce the required components from thinner materials. Generally, the output has a smooth finish.

Stainless steel machined parts get widely used in aerospace, robotics, and food and beverages. They are the go-to choice for high-strength applications like medical instruments, gears, and heavy machinery.
As the preferred choice for machining for various industries, stainless steel displays sturdiness, corrosion resistance, and suitability for high temperatures. It also exhibits good workability and ductility, permitting it to get machined per the requirement. Finally, since the material has a high tensile strength, it can show better durability and last for a long service duration.

Rolex Fittings was founded in 1985. It is a trusted manufacturer of stainless steel machined parts catering to clients in fertilizers, petrochemicals, chemicals, and paper mills. It also supplies components to the dairy, cement, and sugar industries. The firm can adapt the products to your needs: sizes, dimensions, shapes, etc.

CNC machining can employ various stainless steel grades like 304/304L and 316/316L. These options exhibit faster production speeds and lower overall costs of the parts. However, the choice depends on your budget and specific mechanical properties desired. Stainless steel 303 and 360 are popular options for high machinability and corrosion resistance.

CNC machined parts and stainless steel turned parts exporter in Mumbai

Rolex Fittings is based in Mumbai – a central location to capture the spirit of the industrial climate in India. The company is a trustworthy exporter of CNC machined parts for automobiles, chemicals, fertilizers, etc. These products aim to have zero defects and meet steep tolerance standards.

Stainless steel turned parts get manufactured through CNC turning. This process cuts the material to create products in different shapes (usually round). The most frequently used components are screws, nuts, inserts, connectors, fittings, etc.

As an exporter, Rolex Fittings prioritizes third-party product inspection to ensure that the deliveries meet high-quality standards. It employs a team of experts and also engages in product quality planning.

Supplier of machined stainless steel components in India

Rolex Fittings is a reliable provider of machined stainless steel components adhering to particular customer needs. The company uses superior raw materials sourced from sustainable and certified vendors. The machined components in the repository can cater to diverse industrial requirements in the automotive and aerospace sector. Some commonly used parts are hooks, shafts, plates, bezels, and bearings.

These components can get produced via turning with manual or machine-driven spindle lathes. Many manufacturers prefer the former for prototypes and multi-spindle machines for larger volumes. Ferritic stainless steel is the best for machining, although austenitic grades get widely used.

High precision CNC machined components for excellent uniformity & machinability

CNC machining gets performed through different approaches based on the specialized need and budget. High precision CNC machined components often get manufactured via EDM or electrical discharge machining and 3D laser printing. The former technique employs conductive metals to fashion the raw material into the desired shape. More common approaches include milling and turning.

The most eye-catching advantage of these components is their top-notch uniformity and machinability. CNC machining ensures that the manufacturer can enjoy scalability and deliver high volumes. The repeatability quotient is also impressive, guaranteeing quality in every production cycle.

Rolex Fittings offer precision stainless steel CNC machining for automotive applications

At Rolex Fittings, clients can order highly-precise machined parts for automotive applications. These include gears, cylinder heads, starter motors, and custom components. An immense advantage of precision stainless steel CNC machining is its tight tolerance of 0.0002” to 0.0005”. No wonder this process can produce complicated parts with excellent precision via automated tools.

The automotive sector also relies on stainless steel CNC machining because of its production speed and automation. It is a repeatable and fast process that is less labour-intensive and allows more time for innovation. Many clients in this space also use machined parts for prototyping.

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